The New Make-Up Trend For Brighter-Looking Eyes

The New Make-Up Trend For Brighter-Looking Eyes

Make-up artists and beauty junkies are showing us highlighter needn’t be limited to your cheekbones – right now, they’re wearing ‘eyelighter’ over a traditional smokey eye. Here, three MUAs tell us more about the trend, how to get the look and the best products to use…

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Get Acquainted With Eyelighter’s Benefits

“The ‘eyelighter’ trend is almost the antithesis of a smokey eye. It uses reflective pigments – or highlighter – instead of eyeshadow all across the eyelid and sometimes up to the brow. As a result, it draws lots of light to the area, creating both space and brightness. Think of it like placing a candle inside a dark cave – the light will illuminate the entire space. That’s why it’s such a great trend – no matter your skin tone or eye colour, you can wear it. Start by applying the product to the inner corner of your eyes – this area should be a bit brighter than the rest of your eye to mimic a wider appearance.” – Nilofar Mussa

“Like you do with your skin, you can use highlighter on your eyes to sculpt and enhance your features. It gives the entire area a much fresher appearance and can be tailored to your individual preference. Plus, unlike smokey eyes, it’s easier to play with without fear of going in too heavy.” – Chynara Kojoeva 

Perfect The Placement

“Make sure you use a soft, smudger brush to apply your favourite shade of face highlighter. Gently place it into the inner corners of your eyes, softly blending upwards towards the eye socket. You can also place a small amount in the centre of your eye, or on the brow bone to create more luminosity. The highlighter reflects light, drawing attention to the eyes and making them look far more luminous.” – Levi-Jade Taylor

 “If you’re worried about accidentally enhancing wrinkles or fine lines around your eyes, focus the product at the inner corners and centre of your lids. It’s all about playing with the light and focusing on the areas that catch it. If you want to elongate your eye shape, apply some of the product in the corners and on top of the brow bone. Also, use a nude pencil inside the waterline to further give the illusion of wideness.” – Chynara

Invest In The Right Textures

“Translucent and pearlescent highlighters are best for this look. Anything too opaque or pigmented can end up looking a bit clown-like. Creams and gels are perfect, as they melt into the skin, leaving the pearlescent pigments behind as a reflective sheen on the skin. Think soft, dreamy pearly textures that change colour as the light moves across it. Chanel’s Baume Essentiel Glow Stick is an easy way to try the trend; the creamy formulation offers the sort of soft illumination that looks really natural and gently shifts colour in different lights. If you want something more impactful, try Pat McGrath’s Duochrome Shadows which you’ll find in any of her iconic eyeshadow palettes. They’re so light and ethereal – yet give lots of definition. It’s a coarser pigment which changes colour as you move – a great way to do a more dramatic take on the trend, if you’re feeling brave.” – Nilofar

Layer Up With Setting Spray

“Setting spray won’t just boost the longevity of your look, but also the intensity. Try misting your applicator brush to help the product glow even more. This works particularly well with powders. I love the Sleek Highlighter Palettes as they’re very reflective and affordable. If you’re after something more luxurious, Dior’s Highlighter Palettes come in an amazing range of colours so you can experiment with different tones and accentuate your individual eye colour. Likewise, the Charlotte Tilbury palette of Celestial Pearls is incredible. It has the most amazing shades that are ideal for Christmas parties.” – Levi 

Less is more with this trend. Always start small and build up as you go. Remember it’s easier to add more than trying to remove excess layers at the last minute.

Maintain Some Depth & Definition

“There are ways to adapt this look and keep some of the definition. Do so by lining your waterline with a black eyeliner – or a brighter colour like blue or purple – before ‘eyelighting’ the eyes. Finish off with lashings of mascara, or a false lash. This way, you will get that wide-eyed brightening effect while keeping some of the drama and definition of a traditional smokey eye.” – Nilofar

Feel Free To Experiment

“The good thing about this trend is you don’t have to go out and buy loads of new tools. Brushes are great, but you can really press the textures into the skin using your fingers. Use face highlighters for your lids or, if you have loose glitter pigments lying around, try mixing them with a bit of clear eye primer or even moisturiser to turn them into cream shadows.” – Nilofar

 “If you do decide to use a brush, dip it in water first. As shimmers tend to drop a lot throughout the day and evening, this will help you pick up the tiny particles and hold them in place.” – Chynara 

Remember Less Is More

“Less is more with this trend. Always start small and build up as you go. Remember it’s easier to add more than trying to remove excess layers at the last minute.” – Chynara

 “Don’t overdo it – this is all about thin, soft veils of colour. Of course, play with different colours and textures, but always keep it light, adding more only when you feel it’s needed. Also, pair it with a rich red lip – the two go perfectly together.” – Nilofar


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