11 Skincare Lessons From An Expert Dermatologist

11 Skincare Lessons From An Expert Dermatologist

When it comes to skincare, it pays to listen to the experts. From how to prep for a facial to the ingredients not to skip, we spoke to Dr Firas Al-Niaimi, Group Medical Director for sk:n, the UK’s leading skincare clinic group, to find out his golden rules...

1. Remember SPF

You’ve heard it before, but using an SPF on a daily basis really will make a difference to your skin in the long run, as over-exposure to sun is a major cause of skin damage. We’re exposed to UVR rays 365 days of the year regardless of climate, and without protection a few minutes of UVR exposure each day over the years can cause noticeable changes to the skin. A moisturiser with built-in SPF will keep you covered.

2. Forget Face Wipes

However tempting it may be to reach for make-up wipes at the end of a busy day, bear in mind you could be doing more harm than good. Aside from not removing make-up as thoroughly as a cleanser, face wipes often contain ingredients such as alcohol or preservatives that could irritate delicate skin. Instead use a cleanser tailored to your skin type – foaming and gel formulas are just as quick and easy to use as face wipes.

3. Skincare Is More Affordable Than You Think

The beauty market is saturated with expensive lotions and potions promising to work miracles, but you don’t need to spend a fortune to see results. The secret is investing in a tailored skincare regime that suits you – sk:n have a whole range of products to cater for every different need.

4. Tone It Down

The traditional three-step cleansing routine incorporates a toner, but approach with caution as they’re not for everyone. When used correctly, a toner can remove excess oils and dead skin cells lurking on the face after washing and help other products to be more rapidly absorbed. This isn’t the case for all skin types though, so only those with oily or congested skin will really benefit from using one.

5. Not All Water Is Created Equal

It goes without saying you should be drinking at least two litres of water per day. The phrase ‘eight by eight’ is useful at keeping track of how many glasses of water you consume before the end of the day; simply drink eight glasses of water by 8pm. You can also keep your skin hydrated from the outside by plumping for moisturisers that contain hyaluronic acid – one molecule alone can hold up to 10000 times its own weight in water.

6. Focus On Your Diet

When it comes to supplements, recent studies suggest some collagen and peptide formulas may benefit the skin although there’s still a lack of hard evidence. Instead, focus on your diet for better results – remember to include a range of vitamins, minerals and omega-3s to defend against the signs of ageing from the inside.

7. Prep For A Facial

Are you aware your skin regime prior to a facial can have a significant impact on your treatment? Make like the pros and gently exfoliate your skin twice in the seven days before your facial – this will boost cell turnover and allow the products used in your facial to penetrate deeper, allowing for better results. Following a facial or treatment, regular exfoliation also helps minimise the appearance of pores and maintains the results for longer.  

8. Injectables Can Be Subtle

If you’re one of the many women who hear the word ‘Botox’ or ‘filler’ and think hamster cheeks and frozen foreheads, it’s time to reconsider. When administered by a professional, anti-ageing injectables and fillers can enhance your features, giving amazing natural and results that would take time or be unachievable with topical treatments – skin can look instantly younger, smoother, fresher and plumper. However, it’s vital you visit a reputable clinic that offers appropriately qualified practitioners and a safe, sterile environment where these procedures can take place, such as one of sk:n’s 48 clinics across the country.

9. Scrap Sugar

It’s common knowledge sugar is bad for your waistline but did you know it’s wreaking havoc with your skin? A high-sugar diet can make you more prone to wrinkles, caused by a process called glycation which makes the proteins in the skin sticky and less effective. Similarly, excessive coffee intake can dehydrate the skin, cause it to appear dull and make it prone to dry patches, sensitivities and breakouts.

10. Never Touch Your Skin

Between turning door knobs, texting, typing and tying shoelaces, our hands meet millions of germs on a daily basis. These potentially harmful bacteria, viruses and allergens transfer from fingertips onto the skin and can trigger a breakout. Avoid touching your skin if you’re on a clearer skin mission.

11. Stress Less

Increasingly, studies show stress can aggravate several skin conditions and has a negative impact on the skin’s quality. Wrinkling happens because the quality and composition of the skin is affected by stress. Pimples and acne can flare up and dark circles or puffiness under the eyes happen because of circulatory changes and sleep disturbances - also as a reaction to stress.
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