6 Beauty Buys You Might Not Have Heard Of

6 Beauty Buys You Might Not Have Heard Of

While the beauty industry tends to be dominated by the major players, there’s a huge number of niche brands which are deserving of some airtime, too. From quirky facial tools to magic creams, here are the beauty buys everyone should know about…

Grace & Stella Spray All Day Rose Spray, £14.98

Make-up artist Zoe Taylor swears by this rose water and never travels without it: “It’s amazing for setting make-up – not only is it natural, it lets skin breathe and always sets a cream to powder base for hours. While we’re on the subject of niche finds, cigarette papers are also a great blotting tool – they take up zero space in your bag and don’t leave behind any residue unlike other oil combatting tools.”

Available at Amazon.co.uk 


Daiso Japan Sticky Head Cotton Buds, £3.90

We can’t count the number of make-up artists who stockpile these sticky cotton buds. They’re brilliant for quick make-up fixes when time is at a premium. One side is like a normal Q-tip, while the other is sticky, so it picks up any loose make-up that may have fallen down your face. Plus, they’re individually wrapped, so they’re great for chucking in your bag when you’re on-the-go.

Available at Amazon.co.uk


Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream, £6.50 (was £13.50)

Make-up artist Jilian Dempsey is a huge fan of this intensely hydrating, multi-purpose cream: “To get the skin looking fresh and ready for make-up, sculpt and massage the face first. Then, apply an eye mask to reduce puffiness before using a hydrating moisturiser like Yu-Be.” With a rich, honey texture, it uses a blend of moisture trapping ingredients to lock in hydration, while vitamins E and B3 lend anti-ageing benefits, too. No wonder it’s been a best-seller in Japan for over 60 years.

Available at SpaceNK.com


Egyptian Magic Cream, £30

Loved for its multi-purpose benefits, this is regularly spied backstage, and make-up artists like Ruby Hammer consider it an essential: “It works on dry lips, ragged cuticles, heels elbows and literally anything else that needs a skin-softening boost – it would be my desert-island product.” The balm-like texture dries fast with a subtle sheen, so it makes for a great primer pre-foundation, too.

Available at LookFantastic.com


Pears Transparent Soap, £1.19

Yes, you’ve heard of the soap but you’ve probably never used it the way make-up artists like Leah Baines do. “This is my go-to Amazon order for sculpting brows,” Leah adds. “Use a clean mascara wand to carve out some soap, before brushing it into the brow in an upward and outward direction for full, fluffy arches that stay in place. It gives a natural finish while adding believable depth – you’ll never look back.”

Available at Superdrug.com


Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection, £38

Brush on SPF became a bit of a trend in 2019, and it was backed by many industry insiders. A fan favourite is this Colorescience formula that’s lightweight and water-resistant, as well as free of fragrances, dyes, talcs and other common irritants. Brush it on before your make-up, and reapply every two to three hours – it’s completely translucent so it won’t interfere with your other products, while micronized minerals reduce inflammation and redness. A must-have.

Available at SkinOracle.com

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