9 Self-Tan Removers We Rate
9 Self-Tan Removers We Rate

9 Self-Tan Removers We Rate

Most of us know the horror of bad self-tan – especially if it turns patchy, or God forbid, you forget to wash your hands. Thankfully, a decent tan remover will do the hard work for you – here are nine of the best, and how to use them…
By Sherri Andrew

Tan Remover Mousse, £14.50 | St Tropez

Whether you want to get rid of product build-up, erase streaks or just make sure you have a seamless tan, this remover is a must-have. Perfect for tanning novices, it corrects mistakes immediately, while detoxifying cotton extract and probiotics rebalance and hydrate. Non-sticky and easy-to-use, the light foam is great for dry skin, melting away colour within five minutes. Rinse off any excess in the shower and use a mitt if you want to cover a wider surface area.

Available at FeelUnique.com

Self-Tan Eraser, £15.50 | Bare by Vogue

Regular SL readers will know how much we love Bare by Vogue’s tanning products. Suitable for ultra-sensitive skin types, this eraser is one of the gentlest we’ve tried. The soft foam removes self-tan without for any need for scrubbing. Use it in the shower, massaging the formula into any stubborn stains, to see colour come away within ten minutes. Oatmeal and chamomile extracts offer some much-needed skin-softening benefits, while fruit extracts like pomegranate and grapefruit gently exfoliate to ensure you’re not left with any streaks. 

Available at BarebyVogue.co.uk

Self-Tan Eraser, £9.99 | Bondi Sands

This two-in-one product works within five minutes to remove old tan and prep the skin before fresh application. The foam gently exfoliates the skin, while aloe vera locks in hydration. Lather it into the skin in the shower and use an exfoliating mitt on areas where tan builds up, like the elbows, knees and ankles. Limbs will feel and look far more hydrated afterwards.

Available at LookFantastic.com

Super-Strength Tan Remover 150ml, £14.99 | Utan

Loved by beauty experts and industry insiders, this hydrating tan remover locks in moisture so skin never feels stripped. The clever formula is pH balanced, so it effectively breaks down old tan, while cannabis seed oil and aloe vera leave skin feeling soft. Apply the mouse onto tan that’s at least three days old and let it go to work for up to 30 minutes on stubborn patches and hard-to-reach areas. Once you’ve rinsed it off, skin will feel clean and refreshed.

Available at Superdrug.com

Glyco Water Self-Tan Eraser, £16.50 | Tan-Luxe

With a watery consistency and containing 3% glycolic acid, this exfoliating treatment quickly dissolves self-tan residue and streaks. Spritz it onto dry skin – face or body – and let it melt in before rinsing and gently wiping off. The silky formula keeps skin smooth and feeling refreshed, ready for the next coat of colour.

Available at LookFantastic.com

Purity Fade Away Self-Tan Removing Shower Gel, £19.99 | Rose & Caramel

This shower gel works by gradually fading tan over the course of a few days. Containing gentle chemical exfoliants like mango and pomegranate enzymes, the product breaks down colour within three days – in the shower, simply lather the gel into skin and use a gentle exfoliation mitt to get rid of stubborn patches. Wait a few minutes for the product to sink in before washing it off and moisturising as normal. It’s also gentle enough to be used on the face.

Available at RoseandCaramel.co.uk 

Tan Go Away, £10 | B.Tan

An effective and affordable option, B.Tan’s remover is full of gentle ingredients to keep skin feeling soft and hydrated. Completely vegan, it doesn’t contain any nasties or parabens. Instead, natural exfoliants like grapeseed and cucumber extracts break down old tan, while added jojoba, macadamia and avocado oil add moisture to limbs. Rub a generous amount of foam onto skin and wait five minutes before washing it off. It’s also great at removing stains from tanning mitts.

Available at TheFragranceShop.co.uk

Tan Remover & Primer, £15.50 | He-Shi

A brand bestseller, He-Shi’s tan remover is often hard to get hold of thanks to its rave reviews. Fruit acids break down dark patches for a more seamless finish and get rid of tell-tale streaks – great for when you need to smooth over uneven areas fast. Use it to perfect your tan or use it all over to remove the old colour in one go. Added moisture lock technology also ensures longer-lasting hydration, so when you do reach for your next layer, you can be sure skin is prepped and ready to go.

Available at FeelUnique.com

Self-Tan Eraser, £10 | Hawaiian Tropic

This new self-tan eraser is infused with Hawaiian Tropic’s signature scent. Easily removing old tan build-up in less than five minutes, apply the foam in the shower and wait a few minutes before rinsing it off. You can also use it as a primer for a smoother application and even finish. 

Available at FeelUnique.com

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