The Beauty Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

The Beauty Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

Used for more than 100 years as a healing treatment, tea tree oil continues to feature in a host of new skincare products. With anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s proven to help with certain conditions, as well as minimise the overall level of skin bacteria. Keen to find out more? We explain all...

It Can Help With Acne  

According to numerous skincare experts, tea tree oil is an effective solution for fighting acne. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it kills excess bacteria (as well as excess oil) lingering on the skin, and acts a a natural anti-inflammatory, so it never causes irritation.  Try DCL’s Detoxifying Clay Mask – it combines the key ingredient with volcanic ash to draw out impurities, leaving a brighter complexion behind. You can also use a few drops of it in its purest form, diluted with either water or aloe vera, before applying it directly to the skin with a cotton bud. 

To Condition Ragged Cuticles

Nails are often prone to infections from snagging or over-trimming. Not only does a dab of tea tree oil keep germs at bay (it’s especially good for fungal nail), it also works to soothe cracked and ragged cuticles. It’s why you’ll often find tea tree in nail cuticle products – including Margaret Dabbs’ cult Nourishing Nail Serum.   

For A Scalp Health Boost 

Whether you add a few drops to your usual shampoo, or buy one that includes it, tea tree oil can work wonders for the scalp. Trichologists swear by its ability to break up product build-up without stripping the scalp of its natural oils. The result? Shinier, healthy-looking hair. It’s also said to keep itching and flaking at bay by limiting yeast growth. Well worth a try.  

To Soothe Allergic Reactions 

Because tea tree oil is a great anti-inflammatory product, many pharmacists recommend it to treat skin itchiness and to prevent bug bites from swelling. Just be sure to dilute it in water or an oil first so it’s kinder and gentler on the irritated area.  

It’s A Great Cleaning Aid

Beauty purposes aside, tea tree oil is great for getting rid of grime, bacteria, mould and fungus from your home’s surfaces. Try mixing it into warm water before scrubbing down dirty patches. You can also use it to clean make-up brushes  – just mix one part pure tea tree to five parts water and use the formula to gently clean your tools. Watch as it breaks down all textures and product grime, from oils to powders and creams. 

But There Are Some Side Effects

While tea tree oil is a natural ingredient, it can still aggravate skin, especially when used in its purest form. As a highly concentrated botanical extract, it can cause redness and dermatitis for certain skin types. It’s also important to throw away any old products – as it ages, your risk of reaction increases. 
DISCLAIMER: Tea tree is an essential oil when used alone and toxic if swallowed – do not use near children or pets. Never use it on broken skin or burns either, and if you suffer from irritation or are concerned about use, always speak to your healthcare provider. 
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