The Beauty Brands To Use For Menopausal Skin

The Beauty Brands To Use For Menopausal Skin

The menopause is a subject that’s received little attention from the beauty industry – until now. Increasingly, brands are releasing products specifically aimed at women experiencing symptoms of the menopause. From products that soothe, de-stress and help tackle hot flushes, there’s now an abundance of options on the market, plus it’s an area that’s predicted to grow. Find out how you can switch up your routine and the key ingredients you should search for to get super menopause skin.

Here’s Why You Should Switch Up Your Routine

“Mid-life skin changes are an inevitable part of the ageing process which are driven by a combination of genetics, environment, lifestyle and arguably the main driver, hormonal changes,” says Jackie McCusker, Registered Nutritional Therapist at Vichy Skincare. “As we age, we produce less collagen and elastin, resulting in wrinkles and saggy skin. Amongst the many different hormones, the main ones responsible for ageing effects are the sexual ones, especially oestrogen. The decline is oestrogen typically begins in our mid 40’s and heralds the onset of peri-menopause, directly reducing our production of elastin and collagen (think of it as in-built scaffolding) as well as causing more stretch, allowing for larger pores to develop,” Jackie confirms. Skin is also reported to become drier, losing crucial nutrients and oxygen as well as reducing blood flow to the epidermis during the menopause, hence why it’s so key to switch up your routine. 

Opt For These Key Ingredients 

“Avoid mineral, oil-based lotions that sit on the surface of the skin without nourishing and instead go for richer creams based on plant oils, such as avocado, argan or almond oil,” explains Liz Earle MBE. “Newer formulations containing retinols can also be especially helpful in smoothing drier, more lined skin types. I also think it’s worth considering upgrading your body and hand cream as well to something that’s slightly richer – these areas are still affected at this time of life, too.” 

Super Menopause Skin Starts Here

“There are plenty of tricks to pick up to ensure you look and feel your best during the menopause. One I really recommend is to add an additional serum into your daily routine for both face and neck for extra hydration. I also advise taking nutritional supplements, including natural-source vitamin E, vitamin D, calcium, fish oils and high-strength, multi-strain probiotics. My go-to regime for super menopause skin also features in my latest book The Good Menopause Guide, for anyone wanting a more detailed plan,” says Liz. 

Products To Avoid During The Menopause

“It’s important to avoid anything too harsh during the menopause as skin tends to be drier with a loss of hydration and elasticity,” says Jackie. “Harsh products can strip skin further of natural oils that disrupt the outer part of the epidermis, promoting water loss and potentially tearing and irritating the skin. Despite this, it is still important to exfoliate menopausal skin to promote cell turnover, but choose fewer abrasive methods such as an oil-based cleansing balm and muslin cloth, or gentle exfoliants like glycolic or lactic acid. These dissolve oil and exfoliate inside the pore, as well as on the surface of the skin. Always follow with a good moisturiser that contains antioxidants (vitamins A, C and E with added phytonutrients such as resveratrol) and an SPF of at least 30.” 

This Is Just the Start

“Menopausal beauty buys are finally becoming big business because women aren’t afraid to say they’re going through it,” explains Kristy Cimesa, founder of Botanico Vida. “Now brands are latching onto this and talking about the menopause more openly. It's great that women are now aware they can seek out product for those specific skin needs."

 Expect a stream of launches to hit the shelves this year, starting with these five below if you want to jump on and try to combat your symptoms pronto…

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