The Brand We Love For Plumper, Healthy-Looking Skin
The Brand We Love For Plumper, Healthy-Looking Skin

The Brand We Love For Plumper, Healthy-Looking Skin

FaceGym is the brand that invented a gym for the face. With A-listers and insiders obsessed by their sculpting benefits, its signature treatments often have a waitlist; meanwhile, its products are just as popular because they too guarantee fast, visible results. Right now, we’re loving the combination of its seven-day Active Blast skin booster and Hydro-Bound serum, which work together to brighten and firm – and make a great gift this Mother’s Day. Here’s everything you need to know…

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The FaceGym Background…

Did you know you have more than 57 muscles from your collarbone upwards? They are often neglected, though, and that’s when skin can become slackened and bumpy. This knowledge was part of the inspiration for FaceGym founder Inge Theron – an ex-Financial Times beauty columnist – who set out to create non-invasive treatments that worked these muscles and increased blood circulation to shape the face and make it more defined and healthy looking. 

Launched in 2014, FaceGym’s treatments are now hugely popular. The Signature Sculpt treatment combines a warm-up technique, cardio, strength and cool down with vigorous knuckling movements and high-energy whipping strokes. The results are impressive – you’ll see a difference the moment your treatment is over. Its Facial Workouts also use an EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) device to restore skin’s elasticity and bounce. If you want to look brighter and tighter, trust us, you won’t be disappointed. 

And it’s not just a good face pummel the brand is known for. Its products stand out, too. From clever tools to vegan skincare, they work the skin as hard as the brand’s signature treatments, using some of the best, science-backed formulas to deliver quick results.  


Active Blast, £55

This award-winning skin booster set sold out multiple times after launching. Housed in both a seven-day and 28-day pack (which comes with Hydro-Bound serum, worth £35), it promises results at speed for all skin types. Each ‘blast’ is full of vegan collagen which pumps the skin with hydration and strengthens its resilience. The entire formula was 14 years in the making, only launching once clinically proven to deliver results. It’s been designed to work alongside FaceGym’s workout treatments and its Hydro-Bound Serum to improve skin’s plumpness, brightness and texture. The glow it offers is second to none, and regular usage will help minimise other issues including pigmentation, fine lines and dullness. In fact, 90% of testers agreed their skin felt noticeably smoother after four weeks of use, while 84% agreed their skin was more radiant.*
*Clinical study of 32 subjects.

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Hydro-Bound, £68

Thin in texture, this lightweight serum drenches skin in hydration without feeling sticky or greasy. It does so with polyglutamic acid, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, which also helps to reduce redness and inflammation. Unlike other serums, it benefits from ‘moisture lock technology’ – put simply, this helps the skin to rebuild its own hydration levels and better elasticity so that, over time, your complexion looks firmer, smoother and more radiant. This is one of FaceGym’s most popular products, and you’d be hard pushed to find a review that’s under 5*.

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How To Use Them Together…

As Active Blast is a 'sphere,' you need to use it tandem with the Hydro-Bound Serum which works to dissolve it. You put Active Blast onto your palm and then add a full pipette of Hydro-Bound Serum to it to combine the key, plumping ingredients. Then you massage both on, taking a deep pressure as you go for maximum absorption. It's worth applying both these formulas to damp skin, allowing the quenching ingredients inside to fully absorb into your skin's barrier. If there are days you just want to use the serum, Hydro-Bound can be used on its own daily post-cleanse. 



Why Insiders Swear By The Brand…

Everything at FaceGym is backed by science and clinically proven to make a difference to the health and appearance of your skin. The visible results and the speed at which they are delivered set FaceGym apart in a crowded market – they’ve also helped it build a fanbase that includes the likes of Meghan Markle, the Hadid sisters and Selena Gomez.


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