Castor Oil Beauty Benefits: The SL Guide

Castor Oil Beauty Benefits: The SL Guide

It might be an age-old remedy, but Castor oil is enjoying a revival, with Google reporting a 40% increase in online searches. Full of nourishing emollients and fatty acids, this hardworking ingredient is regularly found in beauty products – from hair growth remedies to hydrating skincare. Keen to find out more? We explain why it’s worth adding to your routine…

It’s Seriously Hydrating

Made up of fatty acids, castor oil is rich in vitamin E, which is derived from the castor oil plant. Just like coconut oil, it has multiple benefits and works like an emollient to increase skin’s softness. It also provides a protective barrier to prevent loss of moisture, benefiting hair in the same way, it acts like a lubricant, locking in hydration while smoothing the cuticle, making it great for those with frizzy, coarse or curly hair. The likes of Joan Smalls and Charlize Theron also swear by it.

It Nourishes Lashes 

Contrary to popular belief, dermatologists agree castor oil doesn’t stimulate lash growth. That said, it does moisturise and condition them, preventing premature lash breakage – which is good news if you’ve been a bit over-zealous with the lash curlers. The viscosity of the formula also makes lashes look thicker and glossier, giving the appearance of improved growth – just don’t expect to see a dramatic change in length.

It’s Already In Your Favourite Products

Castor oil is likely to be present in some of your favourite beauty products already – especially the more natural ones. For instance, RMS Beauty uses castor oil in their concealer and cult Luminizer highlighter, while Glossier’s Balm Dot Com also harnesses its skin-softening benefits. You’ll find it in Briogeo’s hair and body range, too, which is specifically designed to add moisture to your scalp, dry strands, brows, lashes and rough skin.  

It Soothes Problematic Skin 

Rich in anti-inflammatory ricinoleic acid, castor oil is known for its anti-bacterial and healing benefits. Studies have shown its effect on treating wounds, as well as soothing eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis and keratosis pilaris. The oil itself delivers deep down hydration, while the formula fights off irritation, preventing further itching or breakouts. Try dabbing a little onto affected areas, morning and night.

It Does Have Some Side Effects 

While castor oil is generally considered safe, doctors advise against using it if you’re pregnant, as it can have a contracting effect on the uterus. Sensitive skin types should also use with caution and be aware of the side effects. Always consult a GP or pharmacist for some basic guidelines, and always avoid using it around the eye area unless specifically formulated or tested. 

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