Cryotherapy Facials: Everything You Need To Know

Cryotherapy Facials: Everything You Need To Know

Cryo-facials are the next big anti-ageing trend. Often referred to as ‘frotox’, they’re said to tighten, smooth and brighten – no wonder they’ve become one of the most requested treatments in the States. Now available to us in the UK, we asked expert and skincare specialist Dr Sophie Shotter how they work, why they’re so effective and the key benefits to note…

What exactly are cryotherapy facials?

Cryotherapy facials use very cold blasts of air (around -100ºC) with the therapist spraying it lightly over the skin. Cryotherapy can be combined with other facial techniques like LED, lymphatic drainage or microdermabrasion, or they can be administered in their own right. Everyone can benefit from the treatment, but it’s especially good for those with inflammatory conditions like acne and rosacea. 

So how does it work to boost the skin?

Alongside cleansing and extractions, it works by blowing extremely cold air at the face in circular motions. The cold will initially constrict blood vessels but, once the skin warms again, these blood vessels will dilate a little more, helping active ingredients to penetrate better. This helps to shed dead cells on the top skin layer, exposing a healthy, more radiant complexion. Studies also suggest the cold may help stimulate collagen production which, over a course of treatment, may help to address superficial fine lines, pores and spots.

What are the key benefits to note?

Fans of cryotherapy facials will say the skin exfoliates better and appears much more radiant. The cold air helps to tighten pores as well as constrict spots, while the changes in temperature can also help to increase circulation in the skin, improving overall health and glow. They can also decrease inflammation in the skin, puffiness and dark circles.

Why do you think they’ve become so popular?

Cryotherapy is a quick and easy standalone treatment or add-on to a longer, more comprehensive facial. I think they’ve become especially popular when done in conjunction with extractions, as these treatments often involve loosening the pores to remove debris from the skin, then cryotherapy helps to tighten them again after. In experienced hands, cryotherapy is safe, and I think the benefits and speed are always so appealing to people. Plus, it’s thorough. Some places will offer facial massage, steaming, extractions, light treatment and cold blasts of air, so it’s very well-rounded. 

When it comes to results, how long until you notice a difference?

Your skin will look radiant and glowing immediately after treatment. It will continue to do so in the days after. Ideally, for best and long-lasting results, you would have cryotherapy on a weekly basis. You’ll find your pores are blurred, any under-the-skin spots have gone and your skin will feel silky smooth – so much so, people often say they venture out without any make-up post-treatment.

And how does it feel on the skin? Is there downtime?

There’s no downtime needed after cryotherapy. The intense cold can feel a little uncomfortable – like you’ve put your face in a very cold freezer, but that’s it, and it’s very short-lived. One thing to note is it can cause some discolouration to the skin, so I would avoid it in darker complexions or those with a lot of pigmentation.

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