The Cryotherapy Tools You Need For Fresher Skin

Cryotherapy-inspired facial tools – specifically ones kept in the fridge or freezer – are big news in the beauty world. Designed to instantly soothe puffiness, calm inflammation and achieve a smoother, firmer and brighter-looking complexion, these are the best…
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THE MASK: Charlotte Tilbury, Cryo Recovery Mask, £49

Why We Love It: Well worth the hype, this mask combines icy temperatures (when left in the freezer) with facial acupressure to stimulate blood circulation and refresh lacklustre skin. Inside, cooling metal beads are stored in small gel pockets, targeting the cheekbones, jawline and the area above your brows. Made from a flexible silicone, you’ll find this hugs every curve and contour to deliver optimum results. Not only is redness improved with regular use, you’ll also notice a better glow. 

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THE ICE-ROLLER: 001 SkinCare, £120

Why We Love It: A pricier option, but for good reason, this tool triggers an intense facial workout to increase oxygenation and blood flow. Not only does it enhance cell renewal to keep skin looking and feeling youthful, it drains toxins to reveal a brighter complexion. The best bit is how quickly it works, with customers raving about how much smoother, calmer and tighter their skin felt after just one use. Bear in mind it’s worth applying slightly more pressure when travelling upward and outward to help with drainage and depuffing.

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THE GLOBES: Fraîcheur Ice Globes, £59.99

Why We Love Them: The OG of ice globes, these ones are expensive, but worth it. Offering numerous benefits, they work best when stored in the freezer overnight. Start by using one in the centre of your forehead before gliding it out towards your hairline and near the temples, continuing all over to contour and firm. To target the under-eyes, use the tip of your tool and apply gentle pressure. Ideal for soothing sunburn, reducing puffiness and breakouts or prepping skin for make-up.

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THE RUBBER MASK: Dr.Jart+ Cryo Rubber™ Face Mask, £10

Why We Love It: For skin in need of a bit of moisture, this rubber mask has you covered. Specially formulated with moisturising algae extract, it works fast with instantly satisfying results. To make the most of the cryo benefits, simply pop it in the fridge before applying it to the skin – the hydrating and cooling combo will intensely freshen things up. An antidote for severely dry or irritated skin, this is ideal for hay fever sufferers or those needing a fast-acting after-sun treatment.

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THE STICKS: Oliviere Wilson Skin, £90

Why We Love Them: Ergonomically designed, these fit the contours of the face to reduce redness and promote radiance. They work by draining out toxins beneath the skin, with regular usage proven to shrink larger pores. Start by softly swiping from the centre of the face outward, to flush the lymph, detoxify and de-puff the skin. Then focus on dedicated problem areas like the eyes, jawline, cheeks or forehead. 

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THE CUBES: Anne Semonin, €91.50

Why We Love Them: Dubbed a ‘mini facial’, these popular ice cubes come with a mixture of complexion-boosting ingredients such as primrose oil to enhance elasticity, azelaic acid to brighten dark spots, and marine spring water to hydrate. To use them, simply remove from the freezer, wrap in the gauze provided and apply directly to the face, eyes, neck and décolletage, moving in upward, circular motions. Incredibly satisfying, they instantly revive dull, tired skin – ideal before a big event or after a sleepless night.

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THE ORBS: Nurse Jamie, £43

Why We Love It: This is an A-lister favourite for a reason. When massaged onto the skin, these innovative orbs temporarily increase the circulation of targeted areas to improve the overall appearance, quality, and tone of the skin. Made from stainless steel, pop them in the fridge for a more intensive cooling effect, or alternatively place them in a bowl of hot water for a warm massage to relieve tension. Packaged compactly, they can be used at home or on the go over your favourite moisturiser or beauty oil for an extra, pampering touch.

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THE DUAL-ROLLER: Brushworks Cryoroller, £18.74

Why We Love It: Aside from being one of the most budget-friendly options on this list, this tool’s dual-ended design offers flexibility and versatility – working great on both the face and the body. After chilling in the fridge or freezer, the stainless-steel roller will freshen up tired, puffy-looking skin. Using the wider end, focus on the cheeks and the forehead or even the stomach, legs or neck and back. Meanwhile, the narrow end is best used to target the under-eyes, sides of the nose or even knots in the hands.

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