This Cult Moisturiser Has Had A Major Upgrade & We Can’t Get Enough

This Cult Moisturiser Has Had A Major Upgrade & We Can’t Get Enough

Personalisation is one of the biggest skincare trends for 2019. Forget the one-size-fits-all approach, brands are now adding ingredients to their existing products to create you something that’s truly bespoke. Enter Clinique, who’s latest iD range is making big waves across the beauty sphere. It’s also set to be their biggest launch for nine years. Here’s everything you need to know about their new, innovative skincare staples…

Tell us more… Based on their cult Dramatically Different Moisturiser Lotions (DDML), this new range is in-keeping with Clinique’s love for customisation. It’s been designed with the knowledge that consumers are now more informed than ever before (they’re also more selective and savvier). They know their fans of DDML are loyal, but understand it’s no longer just about age prevention, it’s about finding what’s right for women’s personalised concerns. Which is why the new range has kept the silky, beloved feel of DDML, but now including concentrated doses of cutting-edge, tailored ingredients – all of which are proven to treat individual conditions. Formulated with active ingredients like plumping whey protein extract and brightening alpha hydroxy acids, the cartridge options are colour-coded based on the skin issues they target. These issues include: Irritation, fatigue, pores and uneven texture, lines and wrinkles and also uneven tone - all of which are reported to make up the top five main concerns among women worldwide today.
How do I use it? You pick from one of the three dramatically different hydrating bases – the Hydrating Jelly, Moisturising Lotion or The Oil Control Gel – and you then mix it with one of the five new active concentrate cartridges – dependant on what your skincare regime needs most. The cartridges are sleekly designed to slot into the moisturiser easily. They then work in unison to pump out an exact dose of product that’s 90% hydration, 10% active concentrate. Pretty genius, right?
What are people saying? You’d be hard pushed to find a rating under 4.5 stars on any trusted beauty site. Reviews have dubbed it as a ‘winter skin saviour,’ ‘incredibly impressive,’ and many have even claimed they’ve never seen their skin look more hydrated or glowing. We expect to see a stream of copycat launches soon.  
How much will it set me back? This is one of our favourite parts. Priced at £36 each, the bottles are meant to last up to three months. Just be sure to use them as directed and no more – twice a day in the morning and evening. Think of it as multi-purpose too, combining two products and two steps in your skincare routine – correction and hydration – this is a super affordable option in the soon to be crowded, personalised market.
Who’s it for? Everyone. The beauty of this new, broad system is it speaks to every single woman. From those wishing to transform dull, lacklustre complexions to anyone wanting to minimise their fine lines, you just take your pick of the cartridge best suited to you and your skin type.

Here are the options.

If you have uneven skin-tone

Why: Pigmentation? Unwanted bumps? Salicylic acid and Japanese root extract exfoliate gently to boost cell turnover for fresher, glowing skin.

Active Cartridge & Base For Uneven Skin Tone, £36

If you have visible pores and bumpy skin texture:

Why: Targets pores and uneven complexions with exfoliating glycolic and lactic acid.

Active Cartridge & Base For Pores & Uneven Skin Texture, £36

If you have skin that looks and feels tired:

Why: Taurine is the hero ingredient here, it works to repair the skin’s barrier and reduce free radical damage like no other.

Active Cartridge & Base For Fatigue, £36

If you have fine lines:

Why: Amino acids and whey protein (yep, the popular smoothie add-on) get to work here to tighten and plump. You can feel this one working immediately on contact.

Active Cartridge & Base For Lines & Wrinkles, £36

If your skin is irritated:

Why: Formulated with neutralising probiotics, this cartridge provides instant relief for any angry, red or over-stressed skin-types.

Active Cartridge & Base For Irritation, £36

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