The Esthetician-Founded Skincare Brand Everyone’s Talking About
The Esthetician-Founded Skincare Brand Everyone’s Talking About

The Esthetician-Founded Skincare Brand Everyone’s Talking About

Launched in 2017, Skin Design London has amassed a legion of loyal A-list fans, including the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Not only are its products proven to work, its formulas promise the same clinical-grade results as professional treatments. Esthetician and founder Fatma Shaheen tells us more…

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Introduce Us To Skin Design London

“We launched in 2017 with designer cosmeceuticals; we define this as our products bridging the gap between the worlds of clinical and luxury skincare. I wanted to create products that treat the root cause of skin concerns to give my clients permanent results. Working to treat clients’ skin in-clinic, prompted me to carefully create specific formulations that would penetrate deep into the epidermis to stimulate better collagen and elastin. Every award-winning product is forensically formulated to deliver visible results.”

Describe The Brand In Just A Few Words…

“It’s the best cosmeceutical brand that’s performance-led and it’s absolutely transformative to your skin.”

Can You Share A Bit More About Your Background?

“My experience and expertise began in a dental and medi-spa. I specialised in curating the latest facial aesthetic treatments – both invasive and non-invasive. I dealt with every skin concern imaginable – from acne, to pigmentation and sun damage – but I saw a big mismatch between prescription/clinical formulations and mainstream, luxury skincare. There was no real efficacy or quality in the results, and a lot of products to choose from. I asked myself what the skin really needs and set off to reconstruct the old-school therapist model of skincare treatments which didn’t give any real results. I had a vision of producing an edit of skincare and treatment products that everyone could use to feel and look their best. The range is easy to navigate, straight-forward to use and promises high-grade, clinical results.”

Do You Feel It’s This Simple Approach That Sets You Apart?

“Yes. Skin Design London is the ultimate ‘edit’ of skincare fundamentals that every person can benefit from using. We only create products based on our experience in real life in our clinic. We use high-quality cosmeceutical ingredients to achieve results and those unique, deeply considered formulations are what also set us apart in a crowded market. Everything is designed to work together to achieve unrivalled results. A lot of skincare out there offers only temporary results, whereas we strive to deliver long-lasting benefits.”

What Was The Real Turning Point For The Business?

“The MATCHES partnership and Skin Design London residency at 5 Carlos Place was a big turning point. It was only meant to be a four-week pop-up residence and yet here we are two years later. We work hard as a brand to focus on our purpose and mission to deliver the best in skincare and treatments. The MATCHES Townhouse in Mayfair has been the perfect home for us.”

How Long Did It Take To Build The Brand?

“It took ten years. Though we officially launched in 2017, I was using and trialling the products in the clinic for years beforehand to ensure we were using the very best.”

Do You Have A Favourite Product From The Range?

“That’s like asking me to choose a favourite child! If I had to pick, it would be either the C Antioxidant Glow, C Glow Peel or Face Tight. I would recommend everyone try one of these – especially if you’re new to the brand. You won’t be disappointed.”

What Ingredients Do You Use & Why?

“We’ve cut through the noise of beauty buzzwords and overhyped ingredients. Our CVHAR Serums are essential for every skincare routine. With these, I wanted to create an edit of essential ingredients that gave results without irritation. Our main hero is the C Antioxidant Glow. Vitamin C, in my opinion, is the one ingredient your skin has to have. Why? Skin fibroblasts rely on it for collagen production and regulation. If you want a glow, even skin texture and a tighter, bouncier appearance, then vitamin C is essential 365 days of the year.”

Tell Us Which Treatments You Offer…

“For our Skin Design London treatments, we use the best anti-ageing technology, therapies and of course, high-performance products that work together to create a healthier complexion. All our treatments are personalised and curated by me, so I know each client is getting exactly what they need. Our most popular treatment is the SDL Facelift, which is also our most advanced treatment to date. It targets the skin beyond the surface, but without compromising the barrier itself. The results are immediate, but they also continue long after the treatment itself.”

Where Do You See The Brand Going Next?

“We have lots of exciting plans coming up, including some great partnerships, so watch this space. In terms of product development, we will only ever launch a product based on what your skin needs – not what is trending or what competitors are launching. The market is so saturated, it’s overwhelming. We want to formulate the finest edit and streamline your routine, only ever using ingredients that promise maximum efficacy.”

Finally, Why Is Skin Design London Worth The Investment?

“It’s simple – if you invest in the right products and quality formulations, you will buy less and that’s the motivation with Skin Design London. We spend so much money on extensive product ranges from mediocre brands. This costs more money than buying two to three products that are known to make a significant difference to your skin. Our brand will not only transform your skin, it will do wonders for your confidence and be a worthy investment in the long-run.”



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