Everything You Need To Know About Face Cupping

Everything You Need To Know About Face Cupping

A-listers and experts love facial cupping for its anti-ageing benefits. Claiming to boost collagen production, minimise fine lines and scarring, there’s little this speedy treatment can’t help you with. Some even say it can help prevent teeth grinding and jaw clenching, too. We spoke to skin expert and facialist Antonia Burrell for the full low-down…
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Firstly What Is Face Cupping??

Put simply, face cupping is a treatment that works to increase blood circulation and stimulate skin cells to produce new fresh cells and more collagen. This helps brighten your complexion, minimise the appearance of scars, lines and wrinkles, ease muscle tension and tone your chin, jawline, and neck by decreasing puffiness and lifting the muscles.

And What Does A Session Involve?

When done professionally, you’ll be cleansed and prepped so your therapist can determine your skin type. The actual cupping will then take place, and you’ll usually have the cups tested on your face to check you don’t have an allergic reaction. It’ll then take roughly 15 minutes. It shouldn’t be painful at all – at most, you’ll feel like your skin is being brushed.

Will There Be Bruising Like With Back Cupping?

The reason people often get bruising with back cupping is because the cups are applied in a specific area for a few minutes. When done on the face however, the cups are not static and are instead moved around in order to create stimulation and drain toxins out through your lymph system quickly and efficiently. 

So, No Bruises Or Downtime?

Not at all! However, while it’s not painful, if your muscles are tight and stressed you may feel an achy sensation. This is because the vacuum from cupping increases circulation to oxygen-starved cells, which in turn, helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscle fibres. There is no downtime providing the procedure is performed correctly. 

Aside From Brightening, What Are The Key Benefits?

There are heaps! One of the best things about it in my opinion is that it aids lymph drainage for a more sculpted, chiselled look. It really does work to lift and tighten the muscles around the eyes, too, for a brighter-looking effect. You can also expect to see your pores shrink over time, while the ‘workout’ it gives skin helps to re-train and re-educate muscle tissue that’s become hardened or stuck (sometimes from our facial expressions). This is especially noticeable around the eyebrow area which can often look droopy and flat pre-treatment. 

Is There Any Reason You Shouldn’t Try It?

Everyone can try it except for those with level 3-4 rosacea, or anyone with sunburnt or highly sensitised or irritated skin. I’d recommend steering clear if you suffer from broken skin too, or if you have active breakouts and rashes.

What’s The Difference Between This & A Normal Facial?

Namely the use and suctioning of the cups, but also the benefits may differ. The magnetic-cupping technique aims to increase blood circulation while drawing nutrients to the surface of the face, while regular facials tend to be less deep and stimulating – it all depends and varies on what you’re having done though. 

Can You Try It At Home? 

Yes! It’s actually great to be able to do it at home because you can control when and where you do it – while cleansing or even watching TV or listening to a podcast. I’d advise seeking it out professionally first though so you have a better understanding of how it works and what you’re doing. There are plenty of tools and kits that have all the techniques and steps you need, including My Facial Lift In A Box. As a general rule, before you start cupping, always have facial oil or product on your skin first and never do it on dry skin. You’ll use the open end of the cup on your skin, and before touching the cup to your face, squeeze the base and then place it onto your skin before releasing. This will create a gentle suction and will allow the cup to easily glide and travel over your skin – it’s surprisingly simple and relaxing.

The Best In-Salon Places To Try Face Cupping

  1. David Peters London, Knightsbridge, davidpeterslondon.com 

  2. WE Clinic London, Harley Street, wecliniclondon.com

  3. Elena Fatikhova, White Horse Street, elenafatikhova.com

Fancy trying it at home yourself? These four SL-approved kits will yield impressive results…

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