Everything You Need To Know About Skin Steaming

Everything You Need To Know About Skin Steaming

Traditional skin steaming is on its way back, with both facial teas and steam-extraction treatments soaring in popularity. With fans including Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham to name a few, we decided to find out more. Expert facialist Sarah Chapman is here to guide us through…

Where Possible, Start Your Routine With A Facial Steam

I always try and begin my facials with a steam, so my clients – and me when I’m going DIY – can benefit from its pore-purifying and deeply hydrating properties. You can also combine steaming with a thick, balmy cleanser if you’re after a deep clean. The heat from the steam will loosen the dirt and sebum in your pores, while your fingers help push the formula into the dermis. There are so many DIY steamers on the market now, it’s easier than ever to enhance your daily regime and unlock this professional advantage at home.

There Are Many Benefits 

Moisture levels are rapidly supplemented to leave skin silky, supple and firm with fine lines and wrinkles minimised. The nano-sized steam particles emitted from DIY steamers are rich in negative ions that penetrate skin more effectively than regular steam, warming and loosening up the pores to thoroughly remove make-up, excess oil and other daily dirt and impurities. This results in dewy, deeply cleansed skin that’s perfectly prepped for follow-up serums, boosting the efficacy of products you apply afterwards. 

It’s One Of The Best Ways To Minimise Breakouts

If you are congested, steam is especially good at loosening blocked pores and minimising breakouts and blackheads. It softens the oil trapped in pores and makes extractions much easier, meaning any exfoliation you do afterwards is far more efficient. Open pores are more susceptible to bacteria, so avoid touching your face after steaming to avoid further breakouts. The dewy, plumping effects are instantly visible, making it an ideal step in preparing your skin for an event or night out.

Treat It As A Self-Care Moment

As well as providing skin benefits, steaming is a great opportunity for a self-care moment too. It allows you to switch off and take some time out to relax and rebalance your complexion.

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