An Expert Guide To Winter Body Care
An Expert Guide To Winter Body Care

An Expert Guide To Winter Body Care

Dry and irritated winter skin is something most of us can relate to – but there are topical remedies out there that can help, as well as a few simple lifestyle switches. Here, we asked dermatologist and CeraVe ambassador Dr Alexis Granite to share her advice – from the importance of routine to the products that make a difference.

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Identify The Problem

“Skin becomes drier in the winter because of colder temperatures and decreased ambient humidity in the environment – both of which zap moisture from our skin. We’re also exposed to drying indoor central heating throughout the winter, which has a huge impact on our skin’s hydration levels. Alongside other treatments and lifestyle changes, it’s why I recommend investing in a humidifier or desktop diffuser to add moisture back into the air.”

Build A Good Routine

“A good body care routine is just as important as your facial skincare. I always recommend you moisturise your body daily to keep it feeling soft and supple, but in the colder months it’s worth upping the ante with a dedicated cleanser. This should be followed by a nourishing, daily emollient. CeraVe’s range is formulated with ceramides – a natural part of our skin that support its barrier function, as well as locking in moisture. The brand’s Moisturising Cream is perfect for this time of year, as is its Hydrating Cleanser.”

Don’t Skip Targeted Treatments

“A hand cream, body serum or a body oil can also work wonders – especially in the cooler months. These more targeted treatments can help to tighten, smooth and hydrate – they’re so good if you’re prone to severe dryness or inflammation. You’ll find that many body products now contain ingredients that have typically been reserved for facial skincare – including niacinamide for minimising redness and glycolic acid for gentle exfoliation.”

Use The Right Ingredients 

“There are so many good ingredients in body care these days, but my favourites are humectants. These bind water from environmental sources and hold it on the skin’s surface. Hyaluronic acid and glycerine are both great, too – they’re known as occlusives and act as a physical barrier to prevent any water loss from your skin. Emollients – including ceramides, which you’ll find in the CeraVe range – are another category. They enhance your skin’s natural lipid barrier, meaning they lock in moisture and keep it there.” 

Apply Products To Damp Skin

“Always apply your moisturiser right after a bath or shower while your skin is still damp. This ensures moisture is ‘locked’ in as it has a base to adhere to. It’s important to avoid very hot water, too. These temperatures will dry out your skin and make things like scaliness and redness worse. Always pat your skin dry post-shower too – never rub it aggressively with a towel. You want to preserve that extra moisture on your skin, not remove it altogether.”

Finally, Tweak Your Lifestyle

“If you are dehydrated, drinking water can definitely help boost your moisture levels, but once you have achieved adequate hydration, drinking additional water won't have much effect on your skin. Research is mixed, but supplementation with omega 3s, hyaluronic acid and collagen may have a more visible effect. Getting enough sleep, limiting caffeine and alcohol and avoiding smoking are other small tweaks that can ensure your skin looks its best throughout the winter.”

Looking To Build Your Own Routine?

This Is The Body Care We Rate…

Hydrating Cleanser, £6.67

CeraVe offers several cleansers that work for both the face and body, but if you’re prone to dryness, this one is a favourite. Full of moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid and three essential ceramides, it offers a gentle, swift cleanse without stripping the skin barrier, keeping your limbs feeling silky smooth. It also prepares them for any moisturiser that follows.

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Moisturising Cream, £10.67

It doesn’t get more heavy duty than this rich cream. Despite its luxe texture, it never feels cloying or too heavy. Referred to as a ‘magic cream’, it has a patented delivery technology which allows for a controlled release of the formula. The result? A nourished skin barrier which stays protected and hydrated for up to 24 hours. It’s game-changing for those with dry skin and it’s suitable for eczema sufferers too.

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Moisturising Lotion, £7.33

If you prefer a lighter body lotion, this one is for you. Never sticky, it can be used on both the face and body. It offers immediate relief if you’re suffering with dry skin or any itchy patches or redness. Designed to keep your skin’s barrier intact, it uses ceramides that mimic those found naturally within the skin, sealing in moisture and keeping it there.

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Hand Cream, £4.33

Hands need attention in the winter months, mainly because the skin here is so thin. Make sure you keep them covered and hydrated at all times with a cream like this one from CeraVe. Non-sticky, it absorbs fast with a velvety texture that offers a hefty dose of hydration and immediately supports cracked, rough hands.

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Why Choose CeraVe

  It’s developed with dermatologists for expert, trusted formulas & results.
   All of its products contain three essential ceramides & help protect your skin’s barrier.
  The formulas are suitable for everyone – plus, they’re fragrance-free & non-comedogenic.
The brand uses MultiVesicular Emulsion, which releases hydrating ingredients for up to 24 hours.  No frills & results driven, you can always rely on the brand.

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