Flower Power: The Night Cream You Must Try

Flower Power: The Night Cream You Must Try

Just when we thought we couldn’t fall any deeper in love with one of our favourite natural skincare brands, along comes a new night cream that is everything we expect from Fresh- skin-boosting, hard-working and plant-driven.

First off, why do you need a night cream?

We all know a bad night’s sleep will affect your mood, but did you know it has a knock-on effect on your skin too? Skin is most receptive while we sleep (hence why we call it beauty sleep) which is why we’re always banging on about applying a hard-working cream before bed. If you’re after a night moisturiser that works damn hard when you sleep, look no further than the latest cream in the delicately-scented Fresh Lotus family- Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream, £45.

And what is so special about the Lotus plant?

The Lotus plant can live for a thousand years- if this is not testament to the wonder ingredient, we don’t know what is! Ancient Hindu and Buddhist writings linked the lotus flower to serenity and purity and has since been used for centuries for it’s calming and soothing properties. The Super Lotus, the main ingredient, is rich in antioxidants which helps create a protective barrier to your skin. Added to the fact that it will also boost hydration levels so that you’ll wake up with a dewy glow.

How will it help your skin?

If you live or work in a city, your skin will suffer from daily aggressors such as pollution, smoke and stress, some of which you may not be aware of. By regularly applying this night cream you’ll strengthen your skin barrier making it harder for the nasties (city grime and stress) to attack your skin. The added Chamomile flower oil will calm your skin while peach leaf extract will de-stress, tired complexions and also lends itself to the delicate fruity scent.  

What are the facts?

With 90% of testers claiming it improved their dull, stressed and fatigued complexion after just one night while 92% agree their skin looked revived and radiant by morning. And after four weeks 98% of testers said their skin’s elasticity and bounce had noticeably improved. True flower power.

Anything else to note?

We’re also celebrating the fact that the plant is hand-picked and processed using an on-site mobile lab so that the lotus doesn’t have to leave the farm. This not only allows the molecules to stay intact delivering high potency and efficacy every time but also the plant is returned to the soil leaving minimal environmental damage.

And it's not just the new Dream Face Cream we've fallen for, Fresh have plenty more lotus-infused products in the range, from a lighter weight version to their cult mask. Shop the Dream Face Cream and our other favourites below.

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