Hollywood’s Top Dermatologist Shares His Skincare Lessons
Hollywood’s Top Dermatologist Shares His Skincare Lessons

Hollywood’s Top Dermatologist Shares His Skincare Lessons

After opening his Beverly Hills practice in the late 90s, Dr Simon Ourian quickly became the go-to skin expert for Hollywood’s elite. Today, with clients including the Kardashian-Jenners, Lady Gaga and Megan Fox, he has over 4.5 million followers on Instagram. Here are the 15 skincare rules he thinks everyone should follow…
By Sapna Rao


Remember, Healthy Skin Is Beautiful Skin

This mantra is a simple reminder that the path to glowing skin is not just about what you put on it externally, but also about the bigger picture – particularly in relation to holistic wellness. Eating right, staying hydrated, getting quality sleep, and regular exercise are all just as important.

Start By Stripping Things Back

Keep your routine simple. I recommend building a strong foundation with a cleanser, a toner and moisturiser you can use every day, morning and night, and add an SPF into your morning routine – this is non-negotiable. 

Stay Consistent

Once you’ve found what works for you, the key is to stick to a consistent regime. This is the only way you’ll see noticeable improvements in skin texture, tone and overall appearance. This is because regularity ensures that the powerful active ingredients you’re using work effectively. 

Be Gentle

Over-scrubbing the skin is an absolute no-no. It is important to keep skin hydrated and preserve the integrity of the skin barrier; otherwise you will find it becomes aggravated, red, tight and sore, or it will even break out. If your skin starts to feel uncomfortable, go back to the basics and work on nourishing the skin barrier.

Try Skin Analysis

We all know there are some great ingredients out there for specific skin concerns. For example, I’m a big fan of vitamin C for treating dark spots or uneven skin tone, and hyaluronic acid is the ultimate hydrator. However, we also know that one size doesn't fit all – so if you’re able to, having a skin analysis done can be valuable. We always advise one to determine a more personalised list of products. 

Don’t Trust Social Media

Unfortunately, we see a lot of fads on social media such as applying lemon juice or apple cider to the skin, even ‘sunscreen contouring’ – all of which can be highly damaging. I’ll admit there are some great tools and advice out there to improve your skincare routine, but anything used incorrectly can cause trauma. For instance, at-home dermaplaning or needling techniques can introduce bacteria or cause dragging or trauma to the skin. Always consult an expert for anything outside of your daily routine. 

Take Notice Of Some Trends

Something particularly noteworthy within cosmetic dermatology is the integration of biocompatible synthetics and growth factors in topical treatments. This may sound technical but what these advanced formulations are designed to do is mimic the body’s intrinsic healing and rejuvenation processes. They offer a more sophisticated approach to anti-ageing and skin restoration.

Consider Injectables

They may sound scary, but there are several skincare-focused injectable treatments that can help deliver biocompatible proteins right underneath the surface of the skin to better target problem areas. Some can even help reverse the signs of ageing in a matter of minutes.

Evolve Your Routine

While consistency is important, what works today might not tomorrow. It's all about tuning into your skin's needs and adjusting accordingly over time. Ingredients that will always work are the gentle, nourishing ones like ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which focus on nurturing the skin’s microbiome. 

Know Where To Invest

In the area of luxury skincare treatments, there’s a lot of noise. In my opinion, our Neustem and Coolaser procedures, plus boosters (which are targeted skincare solutions to cater to skin’s specific needs), are particularly effective. The Neustem treatment is known for its rejuvenating properties. It offers an immediate solution to enhance skin volume and texture for a youthful and revitalised appearance. Meanwhile, the Coolaser treatment addresses other complex skin issues, such as scarring, pigmentation and laxity. It employs fractionated laser technology that penetrates deeply into the skin. What sets Coolaser apart is its ability to facilitate rapid healing and structural skin improvement by stimulating the body's natural regeneration processes. This not only ensures far quicker recovery compared to traditional resurfacing methods, but also achieves great results by enhancing the skin’s texture and tone. 

Examine Whether You Need Retinol 

For those who are unable to use or prefer to avoid retinol, there are several effective alternatives. One such alternative is hyaluronic acid, a hydrating ingredient that helps to plump and moisturise the skin but in a far gentler way. Hyaluronic acid is well tolerated by most skin types, and can minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with zero irritation or sensitivity. 

Introduce New Products Gradually

Introducing a powerful skincare product – like a retinol, for example – requires careful consideration and patience. Start slowly, especially if the product contains potent ingredients. You can do this by starting with patch testing the product on a small area of skin to check for any adverse reactions. Then, gradually incorporate the product into your routine, starting with a lower frequency of use and gradually increasing that as your skin adjusts. It’s best to introduce only one new product at a time – this allows you to monitor its effects on your skin without overwhelming it with multiple changes at once.

Always Wear SPF 

We all know SPF is your skin's shield against the sun, but it also works deeper to fight off wrinkles and dark spots. Make it a staple, no exceptions. It’s much more complex to recover from sun damage than it is to prevent it. If the damage is already there, I can recommend my Brightening Booster. It contains 20% stable vitamin C – which is the best ingredient out there to treat hyperpigmentation and skin dullness. 

Prioritise Prevention 

This is particularly true when it comes to blemishes and breakouts. It’s always better to invest in some preventive measures while maintaining a healthy diet, as certain foods can exacerbate this condition. Having a consistent skincare regime also helps to prevent breakouts caused by clogged pores. However, if you have an event coming up and have woken up with an active breakout, a clay mask is a good topical treatment. It helps to draw out impurities and reduce redness when applied for 10-15 minutes. 

Protect Your Skin Barrier

The skin barrier serves as the frontline defence against environmental aggressors, making it crucial for overall skin health. A regime focused on gentle cleansing, hydration and protection – especially from UV exposure – is foundational to preserving the barrier's function. 

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