How Exfoliating Socks Work & The Best Ones To Try
How Exfoliating Socks Work & The Best Ones To Try

How Exfoliating Socks Work & The Best Ones To Try

Sandal season is here, and if your feet need some TLC, then foot peels and exfoliating socks are the minimal-effort solution for some quick at-home maintenance. Keen to give them a go? Here are the ones we rate…
By Rebecca Hull

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Exfoliating Socks, £9.99 | Footner

Best For: Quick Shedding

Why We Rate Them: Considered the ‘OG’ of foot peelers, these clever socks are pricey, but so worth it. The mandelic acid formula works hard to remove dead skin, so leave them on for an hour before rubbing in any excess formula for best results. After about four days, the peeling and shredding will begin, revealing super-smooth skin underneath. Just don’t be tempted to peel anything off yourself – leave everything to flake naturally, instead.

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Foot & Callus Peel, £7.95 | BeautyPro

Best For: Satisfying Results 

Why We Rate Them: Dual-layered, this foot peel harnesses the benefits of 16 botanical fruit extracts to swiftly break down dead skin. It gets to work gradually over seven days, which is when the foot surface begins to peel and shed away. Despite its efficacy, it’s gentler than other peels, so you can use a foot file to remove any excess that isn’t breaking away on its own.

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Newskin Foot Peeling Socks, £9.99 | Lumiline

Best For: Sensitive Skin

Why We Rate Them: These socks are an Amazon bestseller, and it’s easy to see why. Formulated with aloe vera and papain, they soften hard calluses and rough areas – ideal for those who walk or run a lot. While they give feet a full exfoliation, shea butter and coconut oil ensure skin is never stripped and always replenished with moisture. Unlike others on this list, they also work within just two days – a great option if you’re tight on time or are planning a last-minute holiday.

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Magic Hour Exfoliating Foot Mask Socks, £10.80 | STARSKIN

Best For: Softening Hard Patches

Why We Rate Them: Tough calluses and hard skin don’t stand a chance against these aloe-vera infused socks. Ideal for a night-in, leave them on for a full 90 minutes, allowing the glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid to exfoliate and break down dry patches. Don’t expect to see results immediately – give it ten days to start seeing some shedding and peeling. The best bit? The results last for at least three months.

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Exfoliation Foot Peel, £14.99 | Baby Foot

Best For: Cracked Heels

Why We Rate Them: A TikTok sensation, these socks have racked up more than 180 million views. Using chemical exfoliants – AHAs and BHAs – they’re designed to speed up cell turnover, causing old layers of skin to shed. It’s worth noting that the ‘shedding process’ can take up to three weeks, so the sooner you get going with these the better. Don’t be alarmed by the amount of skin that comes away – added glycolic and citric acid will keep hydration locked in. They work well all over, but we noticed the biggest difference on our cracked heels, which felt much smoother after just a few days.

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Foot Therapy, £6.70 | KOCOSTAR

Best For: Long-Term Results

Why We Rate Them: If you’re after long-lasting smoothness, you need KOCOSTAR’s Foot Therapy socks. Like others on this list, they use AHAs and botanical extracts to dissolve dead skin cells and soften feet at speed. Skin will start to shed within three to five days, but it’s the long-term results we found most impressive – our feet were still silky-soft for several months after use. The soothing formula keeps irritation at bay, too, with zero parabens or other nasties included. For best results, leave the boots on for two hours and try to give your feet a quick bath each evening.

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PoshPeel Pedicure Treatment, £18 | Patchology

Best For: A Secure Fit

Why We Rate Them: Patchology is one of the best brands out there for hard-working masks – be it for the face, hands or feet. Its PoshPeel Pedicure Treatment is potent and contains lots of AHAs and BHAs – specifically, glycolic and salicylic acid. These ingredients are what break down dead, hardened skin, while also getting rid of dull and uneven skin tone. Our favourite thing about this treatment is how secure the socks felt. Once you put them on, your feet don’t move, so the ingredients really feel as if they’re being given a chance to penetrate. Leave them on for 60-90 minutes and give it at least seven days for the peeling to start. We were impressed at how quickly the shedding phased passed – expect healthy-looking feet that feel super soft to the touch.

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Peeling Socks £9 for 5 | Voesh

Best For: Getting Rid Of Thick Calluses

Why We Rate Them: Voesh is a brand to have on your radar. Its fun ‘pedi-in-a-box’ sets and clever socks offer quick and impressive results – and they make for great gifts. We love how efficiently these break down even the hardest of calluses – mainly thanks to sugarcane acids and herb extracts. Meanwhile, argan oil and aloe cushion any of the harsh effects of deep exfoliation with soothing hydration. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see anything happening immediately – it takes up to seven days for skin to start peeling off, and when it starts, it can take a few weeks to clear up. It’s worth the wait though.


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