How Wellness Brand Schmidt’s Switched Up The Natural Beauty Game

How Wellness Brand Schmidt’s Switched Up The Natural Beauty Game

Finding an all-natural deodorant that works for you can be tricky, but that’s all about to change thanks to vegan brand Schmidt’s. Known for their nourishing soaps and deliciously scented deodorants, they’ve outsold some of the biggest brands while earning rave reviews globally. We caught up with Co-Founder Jaime Schmidt to discover more…


For those unaware, tell us a bit more about your company…

With the mission to be ‘the new face of natural,’ Schmidt's Naturals believes the future of personal care is in plant-powered formulas that don’t compromise on ingredient quality or user experience. More than ever, customers are understanding that there are now safe and healthy options that are effective and smell great. Schmidt’s is driven by the goal of making our products available to as many people as possible, increasing access to healthy products for communities everywhere.

Was being an all-natural brand the driving inspiration behind Schmidt’s?

Yes! I recognised an opportunity in the market to offer natural products that could compete in efficacy with the conventional brands, while prioritizing clean, healthy ingredients and innovative scents and flavours. In 2010, in Oregon, USA, I began formulating and selling my products within the local community. Through customer word of mouth, I quickly caught the interest of US retailers and media outlets, and Schmidt’s grew with lightning speed. It’s important for me that they’re natural as I believe it’s the way of the future as customers become more informed, health conscious and intentional with their purchase decisions.

From the range, what are the best-sellers?

It has to be the range of our natural deodorants – they’ve been hugely popular.

What sets Schmidt’s apart from other natural deodorant brands?

Schmidt’s is primarily known for the contemporary design and branding, a uniquely high-performance powder-based natural deodorant formula, and compelling scent combinations that people can’t get enough of.

Do you have a personal favourite product from the range?

My favourites will always be Schmidt’s Deodorants in our original, sensitive skin, and charcoal magnesium formats. I personally developed and refined each of these formulas and believe they offer a unique and refreshing alternative to other deodorant options on the market. With three different offerings in formulas and a wide range of fragrances, there is an option for everyone.

Are there any stand out ingredients in the products?

Schmidt’s uses natural, plant-based ingredients and those that are minimally processed and suitable for all skin types. We prioritise innovative ingredients like charcoal, superfood extracts and essential oils that work with the body to help neutralise odour to keep you feeling fresh. They are completely natural without any synthetic ingredients.

When it comes to choosing your ingredients, how do you choose and pick?

We look for ingredients that serve a specific purpose in the formula. We’re not interested in utilising filler ingredients that simply take up space to make the product cheaper – the highest quality ingredients of minimal processing are our priority. We’ve also ensured from day one that Schmidt’s has only manufactured products that are vegan and cruelty-free.

You also have flavoured toothpastes in the range. How do they work in relation to their mint counterparts?

We wanted to offer new innovations in toothpaste flavours, as we understand customers have grown tired of traditional mint-only options. The Coconut + Lime formula contains the same active ingredients to support whole mouth health, as does our more classic Wondermint flavour.

In what way do you see natural beauty products evolving?

There is no slowing down in innovating beauty and personal care products. Brands will need to assume a unique position with attractive packaging and consumer-friendly branding to stay relevant.

Will you be adding more products to the range?

Yes, our customers are always asking for more! And we expect Schmidt’s to continue to innovate based on feedback and insights from our customers.

Run us through your own skincare regime – is everything you use natural?

I do prioritise natural products in my personal care. I’m a bit of product junkie; you’ll see me jumping from brand to brand to experience all that is new and exciting. Of course, Schmidt’s products always remain at the forefront of my routine.

Finally, if you could sum up Schmidt’s in five words, what would they be?

Passionate, genuine, accessible, innovative and refreshing.
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