The Ideal Night-Time Skincare Routine, Explained By An Expert

The Ideal Night-Time Skincare Routine, Explained By An Expert

Did you know night-time is when your skin cells work best to repair? It’s also prime time for cells to recover and de-stress, so it makes sense to prep your skin with an effective skincare routine before bed. We spoke to the skincare pros at FRESH to find out how to get the most out of your products and why you should never skip your lips…


Step 1: Remove All Make-Up With Cleanser

It’s no secret that sleeping in your make-up is a skincare sin. But more often than not, you’ll find you need more than just a micellar water to get rid of every last bit of grime. Throughout the day our skin is in protective mode, fighting off stress and external aggressors such as free radicals, pollutants and UV, so come night-time, your barrier will be much weaker, losing vital moisture along the way. Put it all back in with FRESH’s Soy Face Cleanser. It’s an extra-gentle gel that instantly whisks away everyday impurities and make-up – even mascara – without stripping the skin of any essential moisture. The other bonus of applying it at night is your skin will actually absorb the nutrients properly, this is partly due to there being no environmental stressors at night while you sleep, so everything can penetrate deeper.

Step 2: Try A Toner

It’s often thought of as a divisive skincare step, but nothing helps to balance pH levels or moisture levels, quite like a toner. Try FRESH’s Rose Deep Hydration Toner after you’ve cleansed your face. With real rose petals and hyaluronic acid, you’ll notice pores are minimised while hydration is increased by 46% for up to six hours. Pretty clever.

Step 3: Go In With An Essence

This next step is where you can really customise your routine tailored to your skin concerns. Nowadays, essences are designed for all sorts of complexion types – sensitive, dry, acne-prone or oily. The FRESH Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence works specifically to fend off pollution and signs of ageing, while simultaneously increasing moisture and luminosity for a radiant complexion. Add a couple of drops to your hand and pat into your skin for best results.

Step 4: Make Time For A Mask

Next up, try using a mask that you can leave on overnight to intensify its skin-drenching benefits. The new Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask is a two-step gel and cream designed to work in sync with the skin’s night activities, helping the skin to recover and repair better with long-lasting moisture and a boost of nutrition. The hydro patches in the formula work with a time-release system, which means continuous moisture is released while you get those precious zzz’s in. It’s dewy skin in a pot.

Step 5: Tap On An Eye Cream

Providing the thin skin around your eyes with a targeted treatment is a beneficial step that should never be skipped. Look for products with antioxidants or peptides, which are super hydrating, like FRESH’s Black Tea Eye Concentrate. It’s a do-it-all power cream that reduces the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, while bringing a much-needed glow to the skin, too.

Step 6: Nourish Your Lips

People always forget their lips, but Fresh recommends treating them like you do your eyes. Lips, just like the skin around your eyes, is very thin and needs special attention in order to maintain moisture levels. At the end of your regime, dab on a generous layer of FRESH’s Sugar Advanced Therapy. It offers the smoothest and softest lips in seconds, while enhancing volume and definition of the lip too. There’s a certain Royal who’s a huge fan, too – if it’s good enough for them….

Step 7: Finish With A Slip Mask

Getting your eight hours is just as important as following a strict skincare regime. Thankfully, our favourite sleep mask brand, Slip, have teamed up with Fresh to produce a limited edition run of a Rose Mask Sleep Set (worth £94 but available for £78). The duo combines the Rose Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask – apply to clean, dry skin to lock in moisture – and top with the Fresh x Slip Silk Eye Mask to lock in the mask's nourishing effects. The eye mask's silk fibres are designed to be less absorbent than many other sleep mask fibres, helping to lock in the product’s goodness and aid a better night’s sleep. Win-win. 

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