The Innovative Skincare Brand Everyone’s Talking About
The Innovative Skincare Brand Everyone’s Talking About

The Innovative Skincare Brand Everyone’s Talking About

‘Lymphatic drainage’ is the technique celebrities and A-listers swear by to reduce puffiness and tighten the skin – no wonder it’s been used as a social media hashtag more than 294 million times, and treatment bookings have jumped 41%. But an expensive lymphatic massage isn't your only option – IRÄYE offers the same results through its cutting-edge skincare line. With over ten years in development, here’s why it’s a game-changer…

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The team behind Swiss skincare brand IRÄYE (pronounced i-ray) believe a sluggish system can visibly impact the look and feel of your skin, which is why the products are designed to stimulate the lymphatic system for results at both a cellular and visible level. Moving away from ‘lymphatic drainage’ and its typical associations with body massage and minimising cellulite, IRÄYE has created a patented formula that delivers all the same benefits, without the need for regular appointments or expensive treatments.

Who’s Behind It

This innovative skincare line was born out of more than 20 years of research across Harvard University and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology by two lymphatic pioneers – renowned dermatologist Professor Michael Detmar and leading plastic surgeon Dr. Epa Gousopoulos. Dr Detmar spent decades studying lymphatic drainage and its effect on the skin, describing it as “the skin’s natural purification system” in his research. During that time, he found that after we reach the age of 30 the function of our lymphatic system deteriorates, meaning the removal of toxins and waste products from the skin is reduced. This results in inflammation under the skin’s surface and a build-up of water retention and waste. This is why IRÄYE’s formulas are designed to repair and activate this toxin filtering system, allowing it to optimally drain excess fluid and remove waste substances. “In order for the skin to look healthy, it must be free from inflammatory waste. If tissue is not fully cleared of this, there is a dulling effect to the skin that can only be corrected by reactivating the lymphatics,” says Dr Detmar.

The ‘Lymphatic’ Concept

The lymphatic system is a network of transparent vessels nestled just under the skin that move fluid around our bodies, in order to cleanse and clear waste and toxins. It’s also at the centre of IRÄYE and its products. The patented technology – the LYMPHACTIVE™ Complex – is a proprietary blend of five plant extracts that repair damaged lymph vessels and enhance their function to stimulate drainage, optimising the skin environment for sculpted, brighter and tighter looking skin.

Clinically-Proven Results

Signs of a sluggish lymphatic system include swollen legs, feet and hands – all tell-tale signs, but the effects are also seen on the face, especially a sagging jaw area (jowls) and puffiness around the eyes. The effects of IRÄYE’s products are so convincing they carried out a UGC campaign earlier this year documenting the visible results of their products and after just 28 days of use, the results more than spoke for themselves.  

The Products

The brand launched with their bestselling Radiance Firming Serum and award-winning The Cream – both are clinically proven to target puffiness, premature signs of ageing and loss of elasticity. The range has since expanded with their latest Eye Revive Cream (the first proven to boost lymphatic activity to reverse eye bags and deliver depuffed and brighter, tighter-looking skin around the eyes) and soon it will move into body care.

We recommend starting with the Radiance Firming Serum. Its thin, lightweight texture absorbs fast to promote brighter, more sculpted skin. Follow up with The Cream, which uses the same ingredients in a richer texture to firm and sculpt the skin and lock in moisture for more than 24 hours. To nail the application, follow your natural lymphatic vessel routes towards your lymph nodes, morning and night, for best results.

Why It's A Must-Have

Unlike anything else on the market, IRÄYE products merge the benefits of internal and external health. “Traditional approaches to skincare have targeted the superficial signs of failing skin health, such as premature wrinkles and redness. But without addressing the underlying causes, most of the current products only mask the deeper functional issues. It was this belief that led me to my two co-founders, who were already busy solving this issue. With a patented technology and over four decades of research between them, I had no doubt that their discovery would mark a significant step forward in the world of skincare. At IRÄYE, we believe lymphatic health is key to skin that looks better because it works better.” – Yasmine Cherry, CEO & Co-Founder

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