Introducing A Game-Changing New Serum

Introducing A Game-Changing New Serum

Our collagen levels deplete by up to 1.5% every year, so a loss of firmness and increased wrinkling is unavoidable. There are, however, topical remedies that can aid in plumping the skin’s appearance. Notably Estée Lauder’s Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Skincare range which matches potent ingredients with next-gen technology. Their latest addition to the family doesn’t just plump – designed to sit alongside their Transformative Energy Creme, it leaves complexions sculpted and even-toned. Here’s everything you need to know…

It’s The Latest Addition To Their Best-Selling Range

New to the Re-Nutriv family, the Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Dual Infusion Serum, has been created to sit alongside their best-selling Transformative Energy Crème. Working in unison, both products merge potent natural ingredients with innovation to plump, smooth and boost collagen. Use the serum first, and follow up with the velvety moisturiser for best results. The latter has a satisfyingly thick texture that feels cosseting and locks down all the benefits of the serum deep into the skin.

You Get Two Serums For The Price Of One

Combining potent ingredients with next-gen technology, Estée Lauder’s latest treatment is actually two serums. They blend together upon application, but are kept apart in dual-chambered tubes to preserve their potency. The golden vial works to energise the skin and increase natural collagen, while the platinum side holds a re-texturising elixir to even tone and smoothness. Designed to be used morning and evening, incorporate it into your routine post-cleanse, mixing the two blends together before slathering it over your face.

The Ingredients Are Seriously Potent

Said to be ‘one of the most powerful and luxurious anti-ageing formulas’, this clever serum utilises the benefits of Black Diamond Truffle Extract, which is housed in the golden vial. A pure and patented extract, it works to throughout the whole Re-Nutriv Diamond range to rejuvenate skin cells and encourage a healthy luminosity, while peptides, vitamin C and algae extract help to rid skin of dullness and protect against daily aggressors like pollution and UV. 

The Formula Gives Immediate Results

After just one week, you can expect to see a bouncier, suppleness to the skin – just like a pore-perfecting filter. After four weeks, you’ll notice increased radiance. If that wasn’t enough, tests from Estée Lauder showed the serum helped to increase cell survival when exposed to intense stress from UV rays. This is thanks to the higher, double-concentration dose of the Black Diamond Truffle Extract. 

It’s Backed By Impressive Technology

Aside from the strong ingredients, this latest addition to the Re-Nutriv range harnesses the power of SIRT-2 technology. Put simply, SIRT-2 plays an essential role in shaping our skin cells. It’s proven to help them regain a more youthful, balanced size, in turn pushing them and the skin to act and look younger – all while promoting a stronger texture to your complexion too.

All Skin Types Can Use & Benefit From It 

With a non-acnegenic formula, it’s been dermatologically tested so it works with all skin types and doesn’t clog the pores. Soothing 24K gold works alongside other anti-irritants to relieve congestion and soothe inflammation. Plus, the hydrating hyaluronic acid absorbs fast, so you can use it underneath make-up while still reaping its anti-ageing benefits.

It’s An Investment, But A Worthy One

At £285, this serum is an investment, but the science-backed formula, impressive studies and known results mean you get your money’s worth. Plus, it’s potent enough to streamline your routine: for example, you could forgo your moisturiser on some days as this gives enough hydration, while delivering some of the best ingredients directly into the deepest layers of your skin for maximum results.

Those Key Benefits Again:

  • Skin looks more perfected and even
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Boosts collagen in the skin, helping to lift and give the appearance of more defined features
  • Improves overall tone, while smoothing uneven skin and resurfacing bumpy texture
  • Gives skin visible, plump radiance
  • Non-acnegenic, so it won’t clog the skin or cause breakouts 
  • Dermatologically tested

Want In?

If you fancy giving the Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond Transformative Energy Dual Infusion Serum a go yourself, it’s available to buy now at

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