Jodie Comer’s Facialist On How To Get Healthy, Glowing Skin
Jodie Comer’s Facialist On How To Get Healthy, Glowing Skin

Jodie Comer’s Facialist On How To Get Healthy, Glowing Skin

Jasmina Vico is one of London’s most sought-after facialists. Known for her relaxing treatments and deep massage technique, she has looked after the skin of A-listers like Jodie Comer, Sienna Miller and Elizabeth Debicki. Here, she shares her secrets to help yours look its best…
By Rebecca Hull

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Stay Consistent

“If you want a healthy complexion, you need to continuously look after your skin and maintain a consistent routine – that’s internally as well as externally. I always say that there are no quick fixes and it’s true, you need to be patient. Daily application of an antioxidant – like a vitamin C – and SPF is a non-negotiable for me and for my clients.”

Pay Attention To Your Gut

“I studied in my home country of Croatia where the level of training and education around skin is comparatively advanced. Our food culture growing up was very specific – we knew all about gut health and the importance of eating little processed foods. As a young student I worked alongside dermatologists, and I was culturally educated in eating food for health. I built an ‘inside-out’ approach to skin health right from the start. I have used many protocols over the years, but I have found it’s essential you work with your body as a whole.”

Prioritise Sleep & Hydration

“Amongst many other things, the quality of your sleep is one of the lesser-known routes to healthy skin. I prioritise a good night’s rest and always monitor it with my Oura ring. Other priorities include hydration – it is essential to keep your body and skin hydrated at all times.”

Focus On The Top Five

“There are five ingredients every good skincare routine needs. This includes an antioxidant, such as vitamin C, growth factors, ceramides/hyaluronic acid, SPF and retinol for those who can tolerate it. Vitamin C can help strengthen and brighten skin, while growth factors help stimulate cells for collagen and elastin production. As for ceramides and hyaluronic acid, these work to hydrate and nourish, while retinol increases cell production and improves skin texture.”  


Switch Up Your AM & PM Routines

“I don’t always advise cleansing in the morning – unless you are prone to breakouts – providing your skin has been cleansed the night before. Often, a spritz of rosewater followed by your skincare is sufficient first thing. The morning is about prepping and protecting your skin from daily aggressors – that includes UV and pollution – which is why an antioxidant-based serum is so essential. Follow this with hydration and SPF. For the evening, cleansing is very important. You do need to take the day off – not just make-up, but the grime, pollution particles and sticky SPF that has accumulated in the day. It’s also a time you need to treat and feed your skin with reparative ingredients, like the above I’ve mentioned – retinol and growth factors are ideal at night.”

Know Retinol May Not Be Suitable

“For me, whether you use a retinol or not is down to your individual situation. Your lifestyle, even your job, can dictate whether retinoids are suitable for you. If you spend the majority of your time outdoors – and in all seasons, regardless of sun protection – then they aren’t ideal. Similarly, some people’s skin simply can’t tolerate retinol, and that’s ok.”

Remember Less Is Often More

“Less product and fewer steps in your routine is definitely more. Keep it simple and consistent. I also recommend seeing a good skin practitioner to help you understand your skin and to know the ingredients it needs. Skincare can be confusing as the market is so saturated, which is why an expert opinion can serve you well. Too many steps in your routine can be damaging, as can over cleansing – this can strip your skin of its natural oils and disrupt your skin barrier. The same goes for washing your face in a hot shower and overusing steam rooms – feeling ‘clean’ can just strip your skin dry. While a lesser approach is key, regenerative and remodelling treatments are worth trying.”  

Don’t Underestimate Facial Massage

“Facial massage was one of my first – and is still – strongest tools. It’s an extension of me in many ways. Great massage of course works visibly on the skin – sculpting the face, increasing blood flow, and it creates a beautiful glow, but to be touched by other human is an exchange of energy which releases oxytocin – the bonding chemical – so it’s also about connectivity. It’s also incredibly relaxing.”


Keep It Cold

“I never wash my face in hot water, or in the shower. Instead, I plunge my face into cold water to energise and strengthen my skin. Cryotherapy (ice) is a fun way and free way to quickly reduce puffiness and inflammation.”

Adopt Some Simple Tricks

“There are a few insider secrets worth noting. Firstly, preparation is everything and essentially, I am prepping my client’s skin year-round – not just for the red carpet or during filming. I always advise my clients to sleep in a cool room for a night or two (below 18C) ahead of an event. Sleeping on plenty of pillows is key too – this raises the head and encourages lymphatic drainage. On top of this, I recommend they avoid salty and spicy foods, as well as alcohol – all these things contribute to inflammation and in turn, puffiness. Finally, vitamin C and glutathione are two supplements I recommend. They help strengthen and detoxify skin.”

Focus On Your Individual Needs

“One of my biggest pieces of advice is to be confident in the knowledge that not every ingredient, new product launch or gizmo will be right for you – it’s empowering to think this way. Skin is ever-changing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach and the same goes for treatments. Think of your skin like a house – I am constantly looking at which part of the house (internal and external) needs attention. We have to work with the skin and the body to meet the demands of this ever-changing organ. Do we need to clean, repair or rejuvenate? Skin texture also needs attention. We might need to resurface it and focus on tightening your pores. It’s all down to genetics – no two people’s skin will ever be the same.”

Finally, Look To Laser

“I’ve always chosen laser as a tool in my treatments. I’ve been using them effectively for a long time. The changes I’ve seen in my client’s skin health is incredible. The impact of intra-oral laser to lift and remodel the face is seriously impressive. Laser is more sophisticated than before. We have so many variations and modalities to work with. You can use lasers for different kinds of skin issues and effectively address all concerns as there are so many wavelengths now. In the long-run, laser can keep your skin healthy with zero downtime. Of course, everyone has different needs, so any laser you do have must be tailored to your individual requirements.”

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