Powdered Sunscreens: 5 We Love & How They Work
Powdered Sunscreens: 5 We Love & How They Work

Powdered Sunscreens: 5 We Love & How They Work

Already big in the US, brush-on SPFs have now made their way over here. Designed to be used as a top up throughout the day, the nourishing formulas are full of skin-softening ingredients, while the lightweight textures don’t leave behind any greasiness or tell-tale white cast. Portable and perfect over make-up, here’s what you need to know – plus, the five products we rate.
By Rebecca Hull

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What’s Inside & Why It’s Different…

The active ingredients in all sunscreens already exist in powder form – including titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – so from an ingredients perspective, you’re getting exactly the same goodness in a tube of powder as you are in a traditional tube or can of sun cream. The difference is the amount needed for optimum protection. Often, SPF powders have lower levels of protection – around SPF20 and SPF25 – so you can expect some protection, but not as much as a cream. That’s why experts recommend using these powders as an extra layer, rather than your sole means of UV protection.

How To Apply It…

To get proper UV protection, you need to apply a thicker, thorough coat of powdered sunscreen. Since no one wants to apply a heavy layer of powder to their face, SPF brushes are designed to touch up your sun protection during the day. Experts recommend applying your normal chemical or physical sunscreen first thing in the morning, then dusting one of these powdered SPFs on as needed. Focus on the areas that most prone to burning – like the middle of the face and upper forehead. Layer on several swipes at a time for even coverage and to ensure you sufficiently protect the skin.

Why It Works With Make-Up…

Thin in texture and often translucent, one advantage of powdered sunscreen is it never interferes with your make-up. A great bag – or desk – staple, simply buff one over your complexion as and when for extra protection. They often come with a luminous finish, too, so skin looks healthy and refreshed, while the formula locks foundation firmly in place. 

Interested? Here Are Five Of Our Favourites…

Sunforgettable Brush-On Sunscreen SPF50, £39.99 | Colorescience

Dermatologists often recommend this one – especially as the new tints means it doubles up as a sheer foundation. It comes with high levels of protection, but better still, it’s the only powder sunscreen to have earned the coveted Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal for active use. As it’s free from parabens, sulfates and fragrance, you’ll find it’s incredibly gentle, too. It’s not just UV that it shields you from either – the 100% all-mineral formula also protects against pollution  and harmful blue light.

Available at: FaceTheFuture.co.uk

Flow-Thru Radiant Translucent Powder SPF20, | Ilia

Completely translucent, this works on all skin tones, especially as the non-comedogenic formula means you never have to worry about it clogging your pores. The semi-matte finish also zaps up excess sheen, while tiny particles leave behind an unbeatable luminosity – in other words, it does several things at once. We how love the compact buffing brush gives you better control, too.

Available at: Druppo.co.uk

Powder Me Dry Sunscreen SPF30, £42 | Jane Iredale

Available in four shades – translucent, golden, tanned and nude – there are several options here. Using titanium dioxide, a good dusting protects skin against UVA and UVB, while an ingredient called ‘montmorillonite’ soothes redness and inflammation. Water-resistant, protection lasts for up to 40 minutes at a time, but make sure you carry out regular top-ups throughout the day. Completely recyclable and refillable, the reef-safe formula is also kind to the oceans.

Available at: DermaCareDirect.co.uk

ReSetting SPF30 Powder, £28 | Supergoop

A favourite among industry insiders, this promises to get rid of unwanted shine, set make-up in place and protect skin all at the same time. Non-nano particles create an invisible shield of protection, blocking out UV rays and minimising skin damage. As with all these powders, it works best when used as a top-up – use several taps and apply it all over in several layers to get the most out of it. With zero tint or colour, you’ll find this never settles into fine lines, nor does it feel drying or tight. A great summer staple – especially if your skincare and make-up is prone to slipping.

Available at CultBeauty.co.uk

Sunscreen + Powder Broad Spectrum SPF40, £75 | ZO Skin

A winner of numerous awards, ZO’s Sunscreen Powder is seriously hydrating. Using zinc oxide, jojoba seed oil and jojoba butter, it even softens skin with regular use. Add that to the colour-enhancing pigments, and you’ve got protection that ticks all the boxes – expect to see a luminous glow every time you apply it. Available in light, medium and deep, excess shine is kept to a minimum, too.

Available at: DrAsaad.com

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