Sapna Shares Her Favourite Products From Tatcha
Sapna Shares Her Favourite Products From Tatcha

Sapna Shares Her Favourite Products From Tatcha

Two years after it launched in the UK, make-up artists, A-listers and beauty editors (us included) remain united in their appreciation of Tatcha – the Japanese brand that loads its effective, luxury products with quality ingredients. A fan of the brand, Sapna shares what makes it such a skincare superstar –along with her top Tatcha heroes.

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the RANGE 

Rather than relying on a high percentage of a single ingredient in its products, Tatcha balances them with gently effective Japanese botanicals. Not only is it a serious hydration booster, using it regularly has made my skin far plumper and brightened my complexion too. Additions like niacinamide have seriously helped fade my acne scarring. The result? A more even skin tone. 

While there are plenty of great ranges available at Tatcha – from the Clarifying range to the Classic range – the family of dewy products takes the top spot for me. A standout in these dry, winter months, it refreshes and adds a radiant glow to my skin. Here’s are my top five products.


the Dewy Skin Cream 

If you’re only picking up one thing from Tatcha, make it this. I’ve been using it pre-make-up for a while now and love the glow and bounce it adds to my complexion. From the cooling, gel-cream hybrid texture to the way it makes my skin feel – it’s become a serious MVP in my books. Using traditional Japanese botanical extracts, it’s great because it enhances the skin’s ability to retain and release moisture, creating a healthy-looking natural dew. Plus, as someone with sensitive skin who’s prone to breakouts, I always look out for the non-comedogenic stamp of approval – which this is. 



the Serum Stick

While I’ve typically opted for traditional serums, this innovative new concept caught my attention straight away and won me over. Designed as a concentrated solid serum of 80% squalane and Japanese lemon balm, it’s perfect if you want to target signs of ageing, combat dryness and keep both your skin and make-up looking fresher for longer. I’d suggest subbing this one in as a primer for best results.

the Dewy Serum

Because I love the Dewy Cream, this one won me over instantly. A thee-in-one serum of clean, kind-to-skin ingredients, it works to gently resurface and plump the skin. It also targets the skin’s barrier which is so important if you suffer with dryness or breakouts, as it locks in moisture with its Hadasei-3 complex – along with hyaluronic acid and squalane for that enviable glass-like finish.


the Rice Wash

I often suffer with dry skin, build-up and dullness – especially in the colder months – but this skin-softening cleanser is a saviour. Formulated as a dry powder, tap out a little into your hand and work it into wet skin. I love the feeling of the creamy foam which is both soothing and exfoliating. Made of Japanese rice powder and a pH-neutral amino acid, it’s ideal for buffing away daily build-up without stripping the skin – leaving the skin looking softer and brighter.


Here Are Some Fast Facts...

Tatcha founder Vicky Tsai suffered from acute dermatitis – so bad it required her to take daily steroids and antibiotics. After she unexpectedly found herself in Kyoto, she encountered a culture of wellbeing that completely healed her skin. That’s when she joined forces with a team of scientists, geisha and cultural advisors to create Tatcha in 2009. 

Today, the brand combines Kyoto’s age-old beauty rituals with the best of modern skincare tech to deliver hardworking, effective and sensorial products.

Ingredients wise, the brand predominantly uses a superfood blend of amino acid and AHAs as well as a proprietary complex of twice-fermented rice, green tea and algae that plumps and hydrates the skin. 

From glow-giving moisturisers to cleansers and polishes, the brand’s luxurious ranges slot neatly into daily AM and PM routines.

The brand combines Kyoto’s age-old beauty rituals with the best of MODERN SKINCARE TECH to deliver hardworking, effective and sensorial products.


The brand is vouched for by many – from the SL team to contributors and make-up artists. Here’s what a few of them have to say…

“A good routine will lay the groundwork for flawless make-up. One tip is to invest in a hydrating moisturiser like Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream. It will nourish the skin before you use a primer on top, serving as the gateway to a seamless canvas for foundation.” – Adeola Gboyega, SL beauty contributor

“I’m going through a real Tatcha phase and can’t get enough of its Dewy Skin Cream. It is the most hydrating cream, and genuinely makes my skin feel so much smoother and more lifted.” – Saskia Wright, make-up artist

“Although the ancient Japanese art of forest bathing (a mindfulness ritual that uses nature to induce calm) has been proven to alleviate stress, it’s not always easy to put into practice. Luckily, Tatcha’s  Hinoki Body Oil delivers many of the powerful benefits without the need to dig out your walking boots. The fast-absorbing, non-greasy oil harnesses the power of an invigorating essential oil blend, which includes grounding cedar and hiba. A therapeutic experience as much as a beautifying one, the silky oil helps to boost wellbeing, promote relaxation and enhance mood as well as deeply moisturise and smooth skin.” – Georgia Day, SL contributing beauty editor 


Keen to give Tatcha a go? For every £100 spent on an order, you’ll receive a complimentary ‘lucky bag’ filled with £100-worth of Tatcha’s luxury skincare. Simply use the code ‘LUCKY24’ at checkout to redeem the offer, which is valid until 29th January 2024.




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