The Skincare Brand Beauty Insiders Swear By
The Skincare Brand Beauty Insiders Swear By

The Skincare Brand Beauty Insiders Swear By

111SKIN is the doctor-led skincare brand to know. Launching with a single product ten years ago – a serum designed to accelerate healing of the skin post-surgery – word soon got out. Today, the range now encompasses creams, serums and masks – many of which are used on models backstage at runway shows and on celebrities before red carpets. Here, founder and CEO Eva Alexandridis tells us what makes the brand so unique…

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Tell Us A Bit About The Brand’s Backstory…

111SKIN was founded with just one product and one clear aim: to accelerate skin healing for plastic surgery patients. My husband, Dr. Yannis (co-founder and a surgeon at his 111 Harley Street clinic) quickly realised a lot of things could be changed on the body and face, but there were limits on what could be done for the skin. However, in 2004 a team of biochemical engineers contacted us – they were looking for a leading aesthetic surgeon to work with. It was a unique opportunity. They were experts in the reparative properties of NAC  – an amino-acid and essential building block of your skin. Working altogether, we created NAC Y²™ – the ground-breaking patented skincare formula at the heart of 111SKIN. We infused it into our Dramatic Healing Serum and it showed extraordinary results on all areas of the skin – not just those affected by surgery. When we recorded anti-ageing benefits too, patients started requesting bottle after bottle – which is when 111SKIN the brand was born. The more we worked on the products and the brand, the more our passion grew.” 

When Did You Officially Launch The Brand?

“We started creating our patented formula NAC Y²™ in 2007, but it didn’t enter the retail environment until 2013 when we launched the Y Theorem Repair Serum NAC Y²™ in Harrods. It’s been quite the journey. There was a lot of research involved and we had to travel the world to find the best packaging and uncover the most ethical sources for our advanced ingredients. What originally started as a hobby grew into its own entity. We never thought the brand would be sold in stores – let alone luxury retailers across the world.” 

Can You Explain What NAC Y²™ Actually Does For The Skin?

“NAC Y²™ stimulates the production of our skin’s most powerful intracellular antioxidant: glutathione. The Y is the initial for my husband's name – Yannis – and the 2 indicates the additional ingredients: firstly, escin to boost circulation and oxygen capacity – both of which are essential for healing; secondly, vitamin C, an antioxidant that’s vital for creating collagen. These three ingredients act synergistically to rejuvenate, repair and protect the skin. This became our patented formula, NAC Y²™.”


We think of ourselves as the NEW FRONTIER OF SKINCARE. We are always pushing boundaries and incorporating the most advanced formulas and methods into our products.

How Is 111SKIN Different To Everything Else?

“Not only do we help create doctor-led skincare products, my husband is still a practising plastic and reconstructive surgeon. It’s what sets us apart from any other skincare brand. Working with clients every day, we get a unique insight into their concerns and that allows 111SKIN to stay ahead of the curve. Our aim is to create effective and innovative products – we know our customers want skincare that feels elevated but is also effective. Our NAC Y²™ formula has even been tested in space – a skincare first. It’s a uniquely extreme environment in which the skin ages rapidly. The tests showed, unanimously, that the benefits of NAC Y²™ in space were out of this world. By providing the skin with this key formula, we’ve proved it is possible to stop DNA degradation and halt the ageing process on a cellular level.”

What Else Is 111SKIN Known For?

“We were also the first company to bring cryotherapy and bio cellulose sheet masks to the UK and the first to invent phased exfoliative treatments for better glow, harness diamond technology for smoother-looking skin and develop no-needle filler for that plumped-up effect – you’ll find the latter in our Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel. We sell one sheet mask every 26 seconds and our Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask has been sold 18 million times. We’re also proud to have won 40 international beauty awards.”

Any Other Brand Bestsellers People Should Know About?

“Our Y Theorem Repair Serum NAC Y²™ is part of our bestselling Reparative collection. It repairs and protects skin and has been described as a ‘miracle-working multi-tasker’, which is very fitting. It enhances the general quality of any skin it’s applied to. That aside, our sheet masks are hugely popular. They’re probably what we are most known for.”


Let’s Discuss The Rest Of The Range...

“We have six skincare collections now: Reparative, Intensive, Clarity, Radiance, Regenerative and Treatment. Each one is inspired by either the benefits or technology of the formulas. For example, our patented NAC Y²™ is the star of our Reparative collection because of its nourishing capabilities. Powered by fine diamond particles and potent anti-ageing actives, the Intensive collection is our most advanced line of products, while the Clarity collection is characterised by the anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory ingredients that calm blemish-prone skin. Each range has been formulated to meet a specific need. Products aside, we’re also present in more than 65 spas, and have expanded our range to include supplements and aromatherapy oils. I must also mention 111CRYO/HEAT. We were the first company to bring cryotherapy to the UK and have since developed a wide range of highly advanced treatments – you’ll find these on the fourth floor in London’s Harvey Nichols.”

So, What Does A Good 111Skin Routine Look Like?

“A good 111SKIN routine is consistent. Whether you have oily, sensitive, or blemish-prone skin, it is aways good to follow this order: cleanser, essence, eye cream, serum, booster, moisturiser. If you really want to nourish your skin, you can multi-mask with an eye mask and layer a full-face mask over the top two or three times a week. Taking care of your skin properly is a form of self-care. It’s never too late to start either – with the right products, you really can see results at any age.”

Finally, What’s Next For 111Skin?

“We are always looking for new ways to embrace our brand mission – which is to provide surgically-inspired topical solutions for total skin confidence. We recently opened a treatment space in our clinic at 111 Harley Street. It marks ten years of 111SKIN, 20 years of the clinic at 111 Harley Street and over 30 years of Dr. Yannis' personal medical research. We are so proud of this space, what it stands for and what it offers our clients. We can’t wait for people to experience it and to explore new ventures like this in the future.”

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