The Skincare Brand That Works While You Sleep
The Skincare Brand That Works While You Sleep

The Skincare Brand That Works While You Sleep

Inur Beauty’s skincare products are formulated using three key ingredients: aloe vera, matcha and pre/probiotics. Why? Because that’s the ideal combination to repair the skin barrier and achieve that healthy, hydrated glow. Even better, the products are designed to do this while you sleep. Here, founder and CEO Marion Assuied tells us more about her personal experience with health and beauty – and what makes this new brand and its range so unique.

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Where did the idea to create INUR come from?

INUR was born out of the idea that what’s good for the body should be good for the skin. In 2019 – when I was CEO of international beauty brand By Terry and a mother of three – I decided I needed to rebalance my health after years of bad sleep. After a huge stress breakdown, I discovered the power of yoga, meditation and nutrition, all of which gave me a new lease of life. This new sense of serenity allowed me to discover my biggest tool to success – sleep. From there, I decided to create a range of beauty products that work best while we sleep. My formulas pay particular attention to the time they’re applied, with a focus on how sleep supercharges skin rejuvenation.

What was the journey like creating it?

INUR only launched this year, and we have so much more to share with our community. The brand is about more than just skincare and we want to develop a full wellness programme that targets your minds, bodies and skin whilst we sleep. INUR is all about personal journeys – even the name is pronounced ‘in your’. I was driven to create products that really work and give visible results to people who may not have time or the budget for a ten-step skincare routine. I worked with French nutritionist Valerie Espinasse to harness her expertise on ingredients that have nutritional value, as well as having dermatologists test the range to give it their stamp of approval. Creating a brand that is sustainable was imperative, as was creating products that were 100% vegan, clean and fully recyclable.

What sets it apart in a crowded market?

INUR products transform your skin overnight. Our night shots use all our top ingredients: aloe vera, matcha, pre and probiotics and AHAs. Everyone on the team is addicted to our Renew Sleeping Mask* and uses it two or three times a week. There is a reason the mask works so well at night: we did a lot of research and found that between 11am and12pm our skin cell rejuvenation is at its most powerful; that’s why an evening skincare routine involving active and natural ingredients is so essential. While our body’s metabolic rate decreases at night, the skin’s metabolic rate increases. We should take advantage of this process that skin cells are turning over more quickly at night, and we should take advantage of this process and apply serums that leave the skin looking smoother, more even and radiant. We are also committed to transparency within our community. Our product lists are not complicated to understand, and we have a clear ‘care facts’ section on each label.

*94% feel the skin hydrated and nourished
92% feel the skin looks smoothed
**Tested over 50 people over 4 weeks

I love a product that does all the HARD WORK for you. In ONE APPLICATION the Inur sleep mask resurfaces and RENEWS my skin overnight. It deserves a place on your skincare shelf.
Donna Bartoli

Any impressive results you can share with us?

We are very proud of the results of our Renew Sleeping Mask. Customers have reported that their skin feels “more nourished”, “velvety soft and amazingly smooth” and that the mask “does all the magic”. You only need to apply a tiny dab in the evening, massage the mask gently into your face until fully absorbed. Leaving it to work overnight, and when you wake up you can visibly see the effect. We’ve also had unbelievable feedback on how our customers’ complexions feel refreshed and glowing in the morning, and how skin barriers are repaired after just a week of using the mask. Our community also love the refreshing and hydrated feeling the mask leaves on their face in the morning. 

What are the bestsellers and why do you think they're fan favourites?

Our number one bestseller is the Renew Sleeping Mask – there is really no other mask that hydrates your skin in the same way while you sleep. The Purity Cleanser and Pause Night Shot are two other bestsellers. The cleanser is wonderful as you don’t need water to use it. After removing make-up and impurities, it nourishes the skin with aloe vera and pre and probiotics, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. The Pause Night Shot, which is infused with matcha and vitamin C, delivers a brightening and nourishing effect – our customers love how soft their skin feels in the morning. The reason it delivers such visible results is the activated 30% concentration of matcha, which is a natural source of vitamin C. Our different night shots can work for a variety of skin types and can be mixed and matched to meet the demands of the skin that night.

Tell us a bit about the ingredients you use and how you chose them…

We like to say matcha is the ‘green botox’. It provides such a strong concentration of nutrients and antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E. Our matcha comes from Jeju Island, a Unesco World Heritage site. Its unspoiled lands, clean winds, clear water and unpolluted air create the best conditions for plants to grow and thereby increases the power of the ingredients by 50%. Our Renew Night Mask is full of matcha and aloe vera, and this combination of powerful ingredients creates unbeatable results, especially during the night. As well as matcha and aloe vera, we love to add pre and probiotics to INUR products to protect and balance the skin’s health.

What are the things you wish everyone knew about skincare?

That our circadian rhythm makes a huge difference to our skin. A less-is-more approach in the day is perfect and all you really need is our Purity Cleanser, Breathe Face Cream and an SPF. Night-time is when you should tackle your personal skin concerns with a targeted approach. Apart from skincare, sleep hygiene and switching off from technology and blue light before bed is hugely important. The skin is the body’s biggest organ, and good sleep is imperative to help it look its best.

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