A Skincare Influencer Shares Her AM & PM Beauty Routines
A Skincare Influencer Shares Her AM & PM Beauty Routines

A Skincare Influencer Shares Her AM & PM Beauty Routines

We love tuning into Sophie Perry’s regular facial workout tutorials on Instagram, especially as she has plenty of sound advice to offer on everything from nourishing ingredients to treatments that work. So, who better to share their morning and evening routines? Here’s everything she does and uses in a typical day…
By Rebecca Hull

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First thing is the best time to wake everything up. For me, this means having a simple stretch or even a little yoga if there’s time. Starting the day with movement and massage helps me so much, both from a physical and mental perspective. I’m actually about to buy a power plate – they’re amazing for boosting blood flow and regulating your nervous system to lower cortisol – i.e. stress – levels.

Simplicity is key. I base what I use on how my skin is feeling, but less is usually more. I start with a gentle micellar water that contains salicylic acid, like Garnier's Rose Water – it’s a great ingredient for keeping combination skin balanced without causing aggravation. Then, while my skin is damp, I’ll apply all my hydrating products – that includes FaceGym’s Hydro Bound Hyaluronic Serum combined with St Tropez’s Glow Drops for a hit of warmth. If I’m feeling particularly dry, I’ll layer on a lightweight oil-based serum for a more intense boost. I also love sheet masks – Royal Fern and Summer Fridays do some amazing, intensive treatments.

Facial massage is essential. Right after I’ve applied my serum or oil, I’ll start my facial massage using FaceGym’s Pro & Multi Sculpt Advanced Gua Sha. Next I’ll apply a lightweight day cream to lock in all the moisture – Allies of Skin does one of the best. Finally, I’ll finish with an SPF. My favourites are by Heliocare, Soleil Toujours and Mecca Beauty.

The massage doesn’t have to take hours. If you’re feeling particularly puffy in the morning or your skin looks dull and fatigued, use your hands and fingers to massage your skin with either your cleanser or an oil-based product. This doesn’t need to be longer than a few minutes, but you’ll see the results immediately. 

Consistency is my number one skin rule. I don’t believe in having a lengthy routine, just one that I do every day. That’s the answer to a healthy, fresh complexion. Boosting internal movement is also essential for providing deep hydration. If my skin is in need of more TLC, I’ll add in products like collagen capsules or intensive masks, but generally I keep it simple. That said, I love EMS – Electro-Mechanical Stimulation – for a visible lift. 

A hydrating mist can be so beneficial. I love to spritz one over my complexion as the final step in my skin routine – both morning and night. It just seals in an extra layer of moisture and alleviates any discomfort. I love the Venn Skincare Probiotic Mist – it’s so soothing and works well over a retinol to keep any inflammation at bay.

Minimal make-up is the key to fresher-looking skin. Just like my skin routine, my make-up is kept as simple as possible. I love the ‘no make-up make-up’ look and am a big believer that a solid skincare routine is more important than layers of make-up. I just wear a tinted SPF, followed by concealer, blush and maybe a lip tint. I’ll always use my Venn mist throughout the day to keep my skin looking fresh and dewy. As for mascara, I stick to a lash serum and conditioner – I do love how LVL lifts and opens my eyes, though.



My thorough cleanse happens at night. This is the time to really remove everything that’s built up throughout the day. I love the HoliFrog cleansers and FaceGym’s Electrolite Cleanser if I’m feeling really dehydrated. HoliFrog has such a beautiful ethos – if you’ve not tried its products before, I can’t recommend them enough. Sometimes I’ll follow this cleanse up with my micellar water, but only if I feel I’ve been exposed to lots of pollution.

An LED treatment is non-negotiable. The best skin tip I can give anyone is to get an infra-red at-home mask and use it a few times a week – my favourite is by The Light Salon. They really are worth the hype. Not only do they rejuvenate your skin, they provide endless other benefits – think minimising breakouts, boosting collagen and preventing pigmentation – and they force you to unwind for at least 20 minutes.

Overnight treatments are my secret to plump, hydrated skin. If my skin needs a quick boost, I’ll sleep in a face mask and let all the ingredients really skin in. One of my favourites is Royal Fern’s Hydrating Mask. If I want to improve brightness, I’ll layer on the FaceGym Cheat Mask. Much like our bodies, our skin repairs at night, so it can really benefit from that extra bit of care.

Body massage is just as important. I often take the time to really massage in my body cream or oil after my evening shower. I follow the lymphatic drainage system and I’m mindful of my lymph nodes, ensuring I move any excess fluid around. Sometimes I use a dry brush, but hands and knuckles are just as effective at aiding the detoxification process.

Finally, eight hours of sleep is key. I don’t function well without it and it’s the only way I maintain good energy throughout the following day. It can be hard for me to switch off and unwind, though, so I listen to a podcast to detach. If that doesn’t work, I’ll read a book and sip on some herbal tea to calm my nervous system.  


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