Tata Harper’s Golden Rules For Glowing Skin

Tata Harper’s Golden Rules For Glowing Skin

Tata Harper changed the beauty game when she launched her eponymous line of high-end, 100% natural skincare back in 2010. Fast-forward nearly a decade and her range is a worldwide bestseller, described by Vogue as “life-changing”, and constantly scooping beauty awards across the globe.

The majority of the brand’s ingredients are home-grown on Tata’s Vermont farm and all the formulas are made without a single synthetic ingredient – yet they guarantee serious results. We spoke with the beauty entrepreneur to find out her eight golden rules for a more radiant complexion…

1. Always Double Cleanse

Cleansing is critical for skin health but just the one cleanse won’t cut it, especially in the evening. Using only one cleanser at night is like having a shower with all your clothes on – throughout the day, toxins and pollutions are absorbed into your skin and if not treated properly, will accelerate the signs of ageing. When double cleansing, start with an oil-based formula before moving on to a foaming or gel cleanser.

2. Start Young

The moment you hit 25, start using an eye cream and a good quality serum – it’s a better philosophy than waiting for wrinkles to appear and then having to invest in correcting your skin. Taking care of your complexion from as early an age as you can will mean you’ll reap the benefits of glowier, more youthful skin for longer.

3. Invest In Skincare, Not Make-Up

If you feel the need to spend half an hour putting on your make-up in order to hide your skin, it’s time to think about your skincare. It’s far better to invest in your skincare if you’re after long-term results – you should feel confident to go bare-faced with naturally beautiful skin. Invest the time you usually spend doing your make-up into massaging your skin and treating it to some TLC – it’ll thank you in years to come.

4. Exfoliate Every Day

If you’re constantly on the hunt for more radiant skin, the best thing you can do is exfoliate every day. But forget harsh granular exfoliators and instead look to formulas made with BHAs – particularly salicylic acid and fruit enzymes. 

5. Always Massage

You’ve likely heard it before, but even a little facial massage can go a long way in boosting the radiance of your skin. Try incorporating a jade roller into your regime – it’ll boost circulation, which increases blood flow, meaning your skin gets more nutrition. Just use a couple of pumps of serum and start by massaging it onto your neck with medium pressure, until the skin is a little pink but not too red. When it comes to the eyes, massage your eye cream five times in one direction and five times in the other to stimulate lymphatic drainage – we accumulate a lot of fat and fluid around the eyes so taking the time to massage this area will mean you’ll reduce bags and dark shadows.

6. Read The Label

After my stepfather was diagnosed with cancer I started to examine everything I was putting in and on my body – I soon realised all the products I was using were full of synthetic chemicals. Whether it’s to give a product colour or fragrance, there’s so much that’s still unknown about their long-term effects. In my opinion, it’s far better to use natural compounds, many of which have been used for centuries to enhance beauty. There’s still a big misconception that natural products don’t work but I think they can be even more effective, since they’re biocompatible with your skin.

7. Look To Your Diet

Your skin uses the nutrients you ingest, so thinking about your diet is vital – there’s a lot more that goes into healthy-looking skin than a good skincare regime. Try to cut down on sugar, which will promote good gut health and reduce inflammation; avoid processed foods at all costs; incorporate fermented foods into your diet, which will help to rebalance the gut; and I hate to say it, but cutting down on your alcohol consumption will have a major impact on your gut.

8. Be Kind To Blemishes

One of the biggest skincare mistakes I see women making is irritating acne-prone skin and drying it out with the wrong products. If you’re prone to adult acne, try to avoid harsh products and look to formulas that are nourishing and hydrating in order to reduce redness and restore a healthier complexion. Each of Tata Harper’s blemish-targeting products include a nurturing ingredient alongside something more active in order to tackle spots and promote skin health – mimic this approach in your routine for real results.

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