The SPF-Skincare Hybrid Experts Swear By
The SPF-Skincare Hybrid Experts Swear By

The SPF-Skincare Hybrid Experts Swear By

The best sunscreen is one you want to apply liberally and often – something Lancaster aims to achieve across its iconic range. Known for its dependable – yet luxurious – formulas, the brand is unrivalled in its category and now, its adding to its cult collection with a new SPF-skincare hybrid that suits all skin types. With hydrating ingredients, a lightweight texture and glow-boosting pigments, it offers high levels of protection and never leaves behind that tell-tale white cast. Here’s a full breakdown of the latest launch and a recap for those yet to try it…

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First, The Lancaster Low-Down...

Founded in Monaco in 1946, Lancaster has over 75 years of scientific expertise in skincare and SPF formulations. Always ahead of the curve and a trailblazer for innovation, it was founded by biochemist Eugène Frezzati who discovered our skin cells can self-repair when triggered with the right ingredients and formulations. This principle, now recognised as ‘regenerative science’, has been the driving force behind many Lancaster launches, including many of its patented technologies, which make the brand unique in a crowded market.

Known for creating silky, wearable formulas that effectively shield the skin from damage, its products also help to prolong a natural tan and seal in hydration. Ticking all the right boxes, it’s easy to see why Lancaster has become Europe’s number one suncare brand.

It’s also worth noting that it is one of the first suncare brands to receive the Material Health Certificate – which in layman’s terms means 100% of the ingredients meet the institute’s strict criteria for being vegan, natural and ocean-friendly. 

About Its Point Of Difference...

Everyone should know about Lancaster’s Full Light Technology, which enables its formulas to target 100% of the light spectrum – including UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared (1).  All are known to cause photodamage and in turn, up to 80% of the known signs of ageing, including dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. This technology – which was developed after a whopping seven years of research – works by absorbing, reflecting and neutralising the different UV waves to minimise their harmful effects on the skin. It’s unique because many formulas on the market only reach and protect against 10% of the sun light spectrum.

Combine this with its carefully chosen skincare ingredients and you have an SPF that not only protects the skin from UV, but also helps to repair it over time, keeping it supple, smooth and topped up with hydration.

How The Range Stands Out...

Fans of Lancaster will already know about its forward-thinking tanning oils, creams and fluids, but there’s a new launch that’s worth stocking up on ahead of summer – the new Sun Perfect Illuminating Cream SPF50. Suitable for all skin types, it has a velvety, silky texture that moisturises skin with plant extracts and strengthens it with antioxidants, while the glow booster complex works to deliver a healthy, fresh glow we love.

It also benefits from the Full Light Technology we mentioned earlier, offering broad-spectrum protection to help ward off dark spots, fine lines and early signs of skin ageing. The texture is another bonus – never leaving behind that tell-tale white cast, it’s also non-comedogenic, so it won’t cause breakouts, either. Thin and silky, you can wear it under make-up without any fear of pilling, while the water and sweat-resistant formula means it really lasts, without the constant need for top-ups.

Finally, Did You Know...?

  • Lancaster is beloved by insiders for its product safety, transparency, and endless innovation.
  • The brand was the appointed supplier to Her Serene Highness Grace of Monaco after the brand received the royal stamp of approval in the 70s.
  •  It was the first SPF brand to introduce retinol into its skincare line-up in 1976.
  • From oils to fluids and lotions, the brand has help to cement the modern suncare market, providing effective formulas that help you to tan, but naturally.
  • Lancaster was one of the first brands to create a range that preps skin before sun exposure, priming skin to be more receptive to tan.
  • It has long promoted damage-free tan, while keeping skin nourished and hydrated for longer.

(1) No sunscreen product can provide full protection from sun’s rays.
(2) Clinical test results on 25 users 1 hour after product application
(3) Clinical test results on 25 users after 56 days of continuous 

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