We Tried The Skincare Brand That Really Delivers Results

We Tried The Skincare Brand That Really Delivers Results

Loved by industry insiders and celebrities alike, Augustinus Bader has become a cult favourite fast, even earning its own hashtag on Instagram. It’s little wonder given their revolutionary skincare has been formulated from stem cell research and offers proven results for every skin type. Here’s why it should be on your radar pronto…


What’s the concept behind the skincare?

Founded by biomedical scientist, Professor Augustinus Bader, the brand is one of few using stem cell research to create products that noticeably boost the skin, without the need for a ten-step routine. His innovative and award-winning creams are aimed at making radiant, healthy skin accessible and simple. 

What makes it different? 

Forget Instagrammable packaging and pretty formulas, this cream does exactly what it says on the tin, healing your skin faster and making it appear younger in the process. Originally developed to treat wounds, it harnesses the power of amino acids and nutrients already native to skin, to nourish and revitalise your complexion. It also gets to work stimulating collagen to minimise fine lines and swiftly restore elasticity. 

What are the hero products? 

Currently there are only two products in the line-up, 'The Cream' and 'The Rich Cream', which ties in with the simplistic approach Bader is trying to create. As a rule, people who have dry skin tend to prefer The Rich Cream, while those with normal to oily skin generally favour the lighter version. But don’t expect different results - both creams contain the active ingredient TFC8® and deliver the same, it just comes down to personal preference. There have been whispers of the line expanding too, so watch this space…

Why is there a 27-day journey?

This is down to the fact that every skin cell in the human body is naturally regenerated over 27 days, so this is when you'll see the results. Over this time period, you can expect your complexion to become more hydrated, to look and feel renewed with an unbeatable glow.

Does it really work?

It would seem so. SL’s Founder, Georgie Coleridge Cole, took the trial herself and was really impressed: “I was sceptical at first. Look, it doesn’t erase lines, no cream can, but the overall condition of my skin after the 27 days was like nothing before. My complexion felt rejuvenated and in much better condition, people even commented on how glowing and good my skin looked. I used both The Cream in the mornings and The Rich Cream at night, which I was concerned would be too much, but this wasn’t an issue at all, and I didn’t get any spots! Another bonus was I didn’t need a primer – my foundation sat really nicely on top of the cream and lasted all day.” 

Who’s it for? 

Given the minimal range, you’d think it would only be suitable for a handful of people. However, thanks to their 100% paraben – and fragrance-free formulas, all skin types can get on board, including overly sensitive ones. If you’re acne prone however, opt for The Cream, as this one helps to control the excessive secretion of oils that can contribute to spots.

And it’s popular? 

Big time. Fans include Dakota Johnson, Victoria Beckham and Diane Kruger, to name but a few – not to mention several celebrity make-up artists who also swear by the brand for the unbeatable radiant finish it gives skin.  

What’s the damage?

At £205, it doesn’t come cheap, but with Augustinus Bader, you’re paying for impressive results and a product that streamlines your routine. Yep, that’s right, you can cut back on your other staples, with Bader confirming that this cream will prevent access of any serum – so you may as well pare back completely and forget the trend for ‘layering’ your skincare. 

Visit AugustinusBader.com

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