What To Do If You’re Suffering From Maskne

What To Do If You’re Suffering From Maskne

By now, you’re probably well aware of ‘maskne’ – the term given to breakouts caused by wearing a face covering. With experts blaming a build-up of moisture, Murad’s new Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel has been designed with exactly this problem in mind. Formulated to stop bacteria in its tracks, it helps to treat flare-ups while minimising irritation and dryness. Here’s why it’s worth having on your radar…


The Formula Boosts Your Microbiome

A build-up of bacteria is considered one of the key causes of ‘maskne’. Because it disrupts our microbiome balance, it often causes breakouts, irritation and excessive dryness. Scientific research also shows that bacteria can ’connect’ to produce more sporadic breakouts over time, too. Wearing a mask can exacerbate all of this, which is why Murad created a formula to deliberately interrupt the process. Their Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel contains unique Quorum Sensing Technology, to prevent bacteria from gathering and forming an imbalance. The result? Smoother, clearer-looking skin. 

It’s Suitable For All Skin Types 

All skin types can try this ultra-light gel cream. Oil-free, it never blocks or clogs pores, while the sustained release of hyaluronic acid locks in moisture long-term. Sensitive skin? Ginger root extract and salicylic acid work to gently and gradually exfoliate and refine, while Korean red pine extract counteracts irritation, so you never suffer with redness. You’ll find it sits well with other textures too, thanks to its quick absorbency and non-greasy finish.

You Can Use It As A Moisturiser 

Contrary to popular belief, moisturisers are essential for tackling breakouts and keeping the skin balanced – hence why Murad have designed this one. “Moisturisers are a frustrating game of trial and error for oily and blemish-prone skin,” explains Howard Murad, M.D. “Some feel they can’t apply a moisturiser, others feel they shouldn’t. But moisturisers keep skin and the microbiome healthy and in balance, which can help decrease oiliness and prevent breakouts.” The brand’s Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel offers optimum hydration, like a thicker cream would, without ever feeling occlusive or suffocating – and it never feels tingly, despite the effective dose of salicylic acid.

The Results Are Impressive

Murad’s products always deliver on visible results, and this new water gel is no exception. Testers said their skin looked less shiny and felt instantly soothed afterwards, while 92% noticed a clearer complexion in just four weeks. Finally, 88% saw less irritation over time, with zero dryness or tight, red skin.* 

*In a Murad sponsored study. Individual results may vary.


  • Wear a mask that fits well to avoid chafing and irritation, as this will also stop you touching your face. 
  • Try to give your skin a 15-minute rest from the mask outside at least every 4 hours.  
  • Avoid make-up whenever possible.
  • Use a moisturiser that’s right for your skin type (oil-free gel hydrators are ideal).
  • Wash skin as soon as you can when returning home to ensure any build-up of bad bacteria or pollution is removed.

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