Why Your Skin Needs A Cleansing Balm

Why Your Skin Needs A Cleansing Balm

Cleansing balms are nothing new, but their formulas and ingredients have had a major upgrade recently, welcomely paring back our fussy skincare routines. Here, we reveal the reasons your skin needs one, and the latest worth the splurge...

All Skin Types Can Use Them

With formulas that melt like butter upon contact with the skin, they’re ideal for gently wiping away the day’s grime without vigorously pulling at your face or eyes. “These type of cleansers are oil-based, and are very effective at removing make-up and the daily build up of pollutants. It’s very much down to individual preference as to which type of oil cleanser you use, but generally speaking, they work on all skin types,” says Lisa Franklin, Skincare Expert & Facialist. “In terms of ingredients, look for one that uses plant derived squalane, which is a natural emollient that's very beneficial in the treatment of a wide range of skin problems whilst also helping to promote new skin cell growth." 

You Won’t Need Another Cleanser

The appeal of the balm is abundant, but one of its biggest boons? You won’t need any other cleanser or make-up remover. Consider it a bit of an all-in-one hero. This is thanks to its thicker texture which not only dissolves every last trace of make-up, but also encourages you to give your face a good, deep massage which in turn produces a healthy, glow, significantly boosting your lymphatic drainage. 

They’re Travel Friendly

Unlike gels and waters, these are compact and dense, so they’re easy to chuck in your luggage. “This is part of the reason they’ve become so popular again recently,” confirms Shabir Daya, skincare expert and pharmacist. “Spill-proof and easy to use wherever you are, they’re super convenient without losing any of their skin-friendly benefits.”

Most Of Them Don’t Require Water

If you’re someone who prefers a quick cleanse, most balms are your practical option. Their silky, balm-to-oil formulas mean you massage on, wipe away with cotton pads and allow the leftover goodness to soak in, leaving your skin more supple and nourished than before. Perfect for lazy girls who still want good skin, or those who are simply time poor.

They Keep You Hydrated

Rich in oils, their substantial textures are great for parched skin, making them an effective option at removing dirt without drying out your complexion. They also work to maintain skin’s natural oil levels, ensuring the skin is left plumped and nourished, while new additions of antioxidants and vitamins provide you with more skincare benefits than before. Think brightening, ageing and protecting against pollution. 

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