Why Your Skin Needs A Milk Cleanser

The foundation of clean skin is a hard-working cleanser. These new milky formulas remove grime and refresh tired skin, gently. While they don’t contain actual milk, they resemble the texture and colour. Here are five reasons why you should incorporate them into your routine…

1. It’s A Much Gentler Approach To Cleansing

Nowadays the market is saturated with cleansers that are formulated for specific skin concerns like acne or pigmentation. But these formulas can be too harsh, often drying out your complexion with ingredients like salicylic or sometimes even retinol. Milky cleansers, however, don’t have anything inside that foam or bubble. In other words, these clean in a more dissolving manner, breaking down grime with emollients, rather than heaps of exfoliants and surfactants.

2. They Are Made From Soothing Ingredients

The texture is what makes milky cleansers so unique. While they may feel thin and watery, their formulas guarantee a deep cleanse. This is all down to the combination of oils, vitamin E and natural fats that get to work removing all surface (and deep down) grime while making light work of stubborn make-up. Take time to really massage it into the skin with cotton pads or fingers and you’ll reap the benefits as the multi-tasking milk works hard to hydrate and clean simultaneously.

3. Use Them To Keep Your Skin’s Barrier Intact

Experts recommend milky cleansers mainly for their ability to keep the skin’s pH more balanced than other cleansers. This is because their soft formulas are said to be much more respectful of your dermis with no stripping agents that affect our skin’s natural oil levels. As a result, you can expect inflammation to be kept well and truly at bay, making them a great choice for those who are acne-prone, as well as sensitive skin types.

4. They’ll Save You Time

Because they’re so good at removing make-up and cleansing at the same time, you don’t need the faff of double cleansing, the silky texture will dissolve everything. Another bonus? As milk cleansers are an emulsion, you can skip the added step of removal with water – think of them like micellar waters, but with twice the cleansing punch.

5. There’s Loads To Choose From

Garnier’s brand new Milky Micellar Cleansing Water gets our top vote – it’s one of the thinner formulas on offer but its game-changing blend of all-in-one formula leaves your complexion smooth and completely clean. Its budget-friendly price tag is a huge bonus too. Those with ultra-sensitive skin should seek out Caudalie’s Gentle Cleansing Milk, which is packed with skin soothing shea butter and grape seed oil, while dry complexions will reap the hydrating benefits from Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk.
 Try them for yourself with our SL-approved edit below…

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