Splurge Or Save: Becky & Sapna’s Favourite Beauty Products For All Budgets
Splurge Or Save: Becky & Sapna’s Favourite Beauty Products For All Budgets

Splurge Or Save: Becky & Sapna’s Favourite Beauty Products For All Budgets

Amid the whirlwind of new beauty launches, it can be hard to work out where to spend your money – and where you can safely cut back. To help you out, Becky and Sapna have rounded up the products in six big categories that they think are worth splurging on – as well as the affordable options that punch above their weight. From a £6.99 hair mask to an all-time fragrance hero, here’s what they recommend…
By Sapna Rao & Rebecca Hull

All products on this page have been selected by our editorial team, however we may make commission on some products.


Sapna’s Favourites

The Silk Serum, £98 | Tatcha

“In my routine, if I am going to indulge and give my skin nourishment, it’s with Tatcha’s Silk Canvas range. It’s all so luxurious, with textures that feel as if they’re cocooning your complexion with moisture. I love The Silk Serum in particular. It immediately softens and smooths, banishing any inflammation and giving me a glow I’ve never achieved with other products.” 

Glow Boost Essence,  £27.92 (was £34.90) | Lumene

“Vitamin C has been something I’ve worked into my routine only recently, and it has transformed my skin. I’ve been using this affordable one from Lumene and I'm really impressed. My skin is brighter, fresher, and it has a more uniform texture with less under-the-skin bumps.”

Becky’s Favourites

The New Deep Purifying Mask, £155 | La Mer

“La Mer’s new Deep Purifying Mask is an investment, but I can honestly say it’s changed both the texture and brightness of my skin in the short time I’ve used it. It has a satisfying green clay formula that dries fast and feels as if it’s purging your skin and solving all your issues immediately. As you wipe it off, you see skin is brighter, and things like blackheads and dullness are lessened. It’s perfect before a night out as it helps make-up to glide on like butter. Easily one of the best masks I’ve tried when it comes to overhauling your complexion.”

Saccharomyces Ferment 30% Milky Toner, £12.40 | The Ordinary

“As many of us know, skincare doesn’t always have to blow the budget. There have been plenty of exciting affordable launches recently, and I’ve been especially impressed by The Ordinary’s Saccharomyces Milky Toner. A gentle solution, it’s packed with pH-friendly yeast ferment and squalane, both of which are highly effective at dissolving dirt, minimising open pores, and protecting skin against dulling pollution. It works well to zap oiliness too, but without drying skin out. It’d be hard to find a better and more reasonably priced toning exfoliant than this.” 


Sapna’s Favourites

Brown Sugar Body Polish, £62 | Fresh

“Everyone needs a good body scrub at this time of year, and my favourite is Fresh’s Brown Sugar Body Polish. It’s satisfyingly gritty, with a texture akin to marmalade. It feels good on the skin and it smells incredible. The brown sugar crystals inside feel luxe and work fast to get rid of under-the-skin bumps and dryness – my skin is always so soft afterwards. I love applying it to dry skin then sloughing it all off in warm water for best results.”

Body Sensitive Skin Body Lotion, £10.99 (was £12.99) | Byoma

“Byoma does budget bodycare like no other. I’ve already got through two of its Sensitive Skin Body Lotions. If, like me, you suffer with inflammation, dry patches or generally lacklustre-looking limbs, reach for this. It uses oat extracts and shea butter to coat skin in moisture, and keep it sealed in for lasting hydration. It also provides limbs with a subtle healthy sheen that I love. A summer staple.”

Becky’s Favourites

Body Fit Active Skin Smoothing Expert, £37.40 (was £44) | Clarins

“I’m not exaggerating when I say the Clarins Body Fit Active Smoothing Cream will freeze you. Immediately after applying it, the ‘cryo-active’ technology gets to work, causing you to feel shivery and tingly. Frightening? A little. Effective? Absolutely. It overhauls the texture of your skin, giving it a smoother, less bumpy appearance. LA-based lymphatic drainage expert Karina Mello swears by this cream and so do I. It’s hydrating too, with coconut oil and aloe vera.”

Ambre Solaire Ideal Bronze Milk-In Spray SPF50, £7 (was £14) | Garnier

“My favourite budget buy right now is Garnier’s Bronze Milk-In Spray with factor 50. It offers high levels of protection while gently warming limbs up with a natural, believable colour that never streaks or goes patchy. It’s similar to the brand’s iconic Summer Body Lotion, but easier to apply thanks to a milky consistency that absorbs fast and never feels sticky. Game-changing for summer and anyone who likes a tan, but doesn’t want to look OTT.”


Sapna’s Favourites

The Essential Do-It-All No2 Cherry, £138 | La Bonne Brosse

“I’ve seen La Bonne Brosse brushes recommended everywhere, but didn’t understand the hype until I recently got one myself. I wouldn’t normally say an expensive hairbrush is essential, but this one really is game-changing. Designed to stimulate your scalp with sturdy bristles that glide through snag-free, these brushes feel different. They help to distribute your hair’s natural oils through your hair for better shine, while also giving a little massage at the top for healthier follicles. I’ve never found mine painful to use, unlike some brushes, and it works well for styling – especially slicked-back looks. Plus, it looks so chic and will last a lifetime.”

Elvive Hydra Hyaluronic Shampoo, Conditioner & Serum Set, £19.42 | L'Oréal Paris 
“Anyone who knows me knows how picky I am about hair – in fact it’s one of the areas I’ll always happily spend a little more money on – but L’Oréal’s hard-working budget ranges have impressed me recently. This one in particular is great for regular washes, not stripping or dulling any colour, and keeping strands hydrated too.”

Becky’s Favourites

Air Wand Hair Dryer, Styler & Straightener All-In-One, £120 | BaByliss

“The Babyliss Air Wand combines a dryer, styler and straightener in one, with a powerful, high-speed motor for speedy results. I have been so impressed by the volumising brush attachment. Whether you use it on wet or dry hair, it beefs up strands, lifting directly from the root to create fullness and weight, while also boosting shine. I love that the bristles are gentle too – never snagging or pulling.” 

SOS 3 Minute Miracle Blonde Hair Vegan Deep Treatment Hair Mask, £6.99 | Aussie

“I could wax lyrical about Aussie’s £6.99 hair mask. My dyed blonde hair drinks this formula up – ingredients like wild plum and fruit extracts sink in fast. As for the soft, lilac tones, they keep yellowness at bay, but without causing any of the unwanted colouring that often comes with these types of treatments. I also find it swells my hair’s cuticles, resulting in better fullness and volume, which is always a win.”


Sapna’s Favourites

Ambient Lighting Blush, £44 | Hourglass

“I’m a blush devotee, and often go for a very sun-kissed look year round. What makes a great blush for me is a balance between colour payoff and a mineral, quite glow-y finish. That’s why Hourglass’s blushes and palettes have long been a go-to for me. In my opinion, they are worth every penny –they last for months, provide an almost ethereal glow and just make you look so much healthier.”

M2 Sun & Done Smooth-Gliding Bronzer Stick, £12 | Morphe

“If you love to sculpt and define your skin but hate faff, this creamy stick from Morphe is for you. It has a texture that’s so easy to blend it’s fool-proof – you can never go overboard or look too ‘drawn’. Just a little under the cheekbones, brow bone and areas you want to lift will enhance your features. It’s also great when you’re on-the-go.”

Becky’s Favourites

Brightening CC Foundation, £62 | By Terry

“By Terry’s new Brightening CC Foundation is a worthy investment if you’re in the market for breathable coverage. Designed to hold steady, no matter the temperatures, it has a glow-y, luminous finish, thanks to ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter and squalane, as well as a colour-true base that looks natural and doesn’t fade or crease. It’s buildable too, with a light-as-air feel that’s perfect for this time of year.” 

Multi-Tasker Better Than Filters, £12.99 | Rimmel 

“There are so many skincare hybrids vying for attention right now, but it’s Rimmel’s affordable Multi-Tasker Better Than Filter catching my eye. A primer, tint and illuminator in one, just a few sweeps will perk up lifeless skin, providing better warmth, glow and easy definition. I love wearing it on its own when my skin is behaving itself, but if I need extra coverage, it wears nicely under any base make-up without pilling.”


Sapna’s Favourites

San Ysidro Drive Eau De Parfum, £170 | Victoria Beckham Beauty

“This Victoria Beckham fragrance has quickly become my go-to. It’s a luxurious scent – rich and heady, it lingers for hours. It’s also unlike anything I’ve smelt before and I constantly get complimented for it around the office.”

Two Halves Fragrance, £40 | Diem

“I recommend keeping an eye on Diem scents. It’s a brand I’ve been telling everyone about as they all smell so expensive, but are anything but. Its ‘Two Halves’ fragrance is my favourite. I keep going back to it for day wear. It’s refreshing but with a masculine edge that feels tough and confident.”

Becky’s Favourites

Radio Child Eau De Parfum, £225 | BIBBI

“If I could only choose one fragrance to wear for the rest of my life, it would probably be Radio Child by Bibbi, which is why I feel it’s worth the whopping £225 price tag. My god it’s good. Musky, peppery and a little melancholic, it’s so different to anything else, with an inviting appeal that works for day and night.”

Le Smash Santal Eau De Parfum, £33 | Beauty Pie

“For an affordable scent I know most of us will love, look to Beauty Pie’s Le Smash Santal. Admittedly it’s even more affordable if you’re a member – with up to 75% off – but I’d snap it up regardless. Sunny and creamy, it’s ideal for this time of year. Sandalwood, tonka bean and tea leaves combine for a fragrance that’s so breezy and easy to wear.” 


Sapna’s Favourites

Les Beiges Water-Fresh Complexion Touch, £55 | Chanel

“A good summer base is an essential in my make-up bag around this time of year, and this luxury one from Chanel is unlike anything I’ve used before. Its innovative micro-beaded formula blends little droplets of pigment with droplets of skincare goodness and hydration. The result? One of the most natural-looking, lightweight and hydrating formulas I’ve ever used.”

Prime & Fix Refreshing Mist, £12.99 | KIKO Milano

“Kiko’s Prime & Fix Refreshing Mist has been a very welcome addition to my routine. As the name suggests, it’s cooling, instantly helping to soothe skin and give you a boost. It also sets make-up in place but without that tacky residue some setting sprays leave behind. Instead, it gives a dewy, healthy glow and enhances any make-up you have on – especially colourful pigments like lipstick and deep eyeshadows.”

Becky’s Favourites

The One SPF50 Vitamin C & Green Tea Invisible Gel, £43 | Allies Of Skin

“I’ve never tried a facial SPF quite like this one from Allies of Skin. Despite having no silicone in it, it has a slippery, mattifying texture that’s not only satisfying to apply, but also completely disappears into skin, leaving no trace of UV protection behind. Non-sticky and very smooth, it gives your complexion a unified texture that’s prepped perfectly for make-up. There’s also vitamin C and green tea inside for extra antioxidant protection.”

Tripeptide Plumping Berry Lip Balm, £11 | The Inkey List

“I’m also loving The Inkey List’s silky Tripeptide Plumping Lip Balms – a great high-street hit for summer. With a sheer hint of colour, they provide that ‘your lips but better’ finish everyone’s craving right now. Ideal when you want some coverage on your lips, but nothing heavy or obvious, each one offers subtle but buildable pigment. As for the formula, it benefits from 6% tripeptide complex, which increases lip volume over time. It also contains 6% ultra-filling spheres, which deliver hyaluronic acid deep down into the skin for a serious dose of moisture that actually lasts.”

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