Trish McEvoy Answers Your Most Common Make-Up Questions

Trish McEvoy Answers Your Most Common Make-Up Questions

In this series, we ask top industry insiders to answer the questions they’re asked most often. From how you can make skin look younger naturally, to the order in which to apply your products and how to choose the right mascara, make-up legend Trish McEvoy is first up with her advice, tips and tricks…
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Question #1: How Can You Make Skin Look Younger?

Trish’s Answer: “I am a big believer that you shouldn’t think about making your skin look younger, but rather focus on how you can have the healthiest skin imaginable. Everything we do affects our skin – what we put inside and what we put on the outside. Our skin is ever-changing, so the importance of proper care and protection can’t be overstated. Whenever anyone asks me this question, my answers remain the same. First, start with a thorough cleanse. No matter how short you are on time, cleansing is essential for healthy-looking skin as it removes dirt, oil, bacteria, pollutants and dead skin cells. Maintaining a clean complexion helps prevent breakouts, inflammation and dehydration too. Secondly, always exfoliate to remove dead cells – this will instantly improve skin’s clarity and radiance. Then follow up with a thick moisturiser – nothing works better to lock in hydration and leave skin smoother and plump. SPF goes without saying, but my final tip is to use retinol. I’m always asked how you get skin to be more even, clear, less lined and plump – the answer is retinol. Nothing works better topically, in my opinion.”

Question #2: Is It Important To Apply Eye Make-Up First? 

Trish’s Answer: “Applying your eye make-up first ensures that the rest of your make-up application time is well spent. This is because it’s much easier to clean up any shadow, liner or mascara that’s migrated as you were applying it. You can mop up mistakes with foundation or concealer – that way you don’t have to redo your entire face.” 

Question #3: Why Is The Texture Of Moisturiser Key Under Make-Up?

Trish’s Answer: “The texture of your moisturiser determines if your make-up will stay on or not. You want to choose a moisturiser that absorbs quickly, gives your skin a smooth finish and is not greasy. With this in mind, look for thinner textures or formulas that mattify. A greasy moisturiser applied to the skin will not give longevity to your make-up. Your moisturiser should enhance the look and texture of your skin. It is, after all, the canvas for any make-up application.” 


Question #4: Is There A Correct Way To Apply Mascara?

Trish’s Answer: “I recommend using an eyelash curler prior to any mascara application. It’s a simple – yet effective – tool that enhances your mascara’s performance. Position the lash curler as close as possible to the base of your lashes, then lift your elbow and squeeze, then release at least five times. Doing this will gently lift, curl and lengthen your lashes from base to tip. Not only will this help to open your eyes, it will give your entire face a brighter, well-rested look. Then, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle your mascara wand in a zigzag motion up through the tips. This distributes product evenly, creates separation and helps lashes to look full.” 

Question #5: How Do You Choose The Right Mascara?

Trish’s Answer: “Choose the right mascara depending on your mood, activity and the desired look of your lash. For example, when you’re active in sports, you want a clean, fresh mascara that doesn’t smudge. But when you’re in the mood to dress up, a dramatic formula will complete everything. Sometimes it’s wise to have two on rotation to suit varying needs.”


Question #6: What’s The Best Way To Achieve An Even Complexion?

Trish’s Answer: “First, grab your foundation and gently buff it into the skin – keep on blending it until you feel it’s fully melted in. Then set your foundation with a very loose, light powder – the thinner the texture, the better. Finally, sculpt skin and bring some warmth back to the face with a bronzer. It’s a simple process, but it’s all about really working your products in.”

Question #7: Is There A Right Way To Apply Bronzer For Best Results?

Trish’s Answer: “The best way to apply your bronzer depends on the look you want to achieve. My advice is to merge your bronzer and highlighter together. Start by using highlighter on your upper cheekbone, then applying your bronzer underneath it to define and create structure. When looking for a warm, natural look, blend the bronzer and highlighter together to give that candlelit glow we all crave. I believe in the ‘C into a 3’ technique. This involves using your bronzer and starting at the top of the hairline, then bringing it down under the cheeks and back along the jawline in a figure of 3. When you are in the mood to go subtle, apply your highlighter over the highest points of your face and leave it there.” 

Question #8: Same Question For Blusher?

Trish’s Answer: “You should use your blusher to mimic a natural flush. Apply it to the apples of your cheeks – where you’d naturally get warmth – then buff it in a circular motion. Remember to not only apply it high, but also work it downwards, taking a light-handed approach as you go.” 

Question #9: You Believe In The Benefits Of Lip Liner – Why?

Trish’s Answer: “I feel strongly about wearing lip liner because it enhances the shape of the lip and is the perfect partner to any lip colour. Lip liner can also make your lips look fuller – when done right – and can be a great base for anything that follows. They give any colour you apply more longevity too. Like with anything, just apply it lightly and never too hard. Cream formulas are best for this.” 

Question #10: Finally, Can Make-Up Really Make You Look Younger?

Trish’s Answer: “Yes! As we age, we lose definition as well as luminosity and instead gain darkness. With time, uneven pigmentation and a duller tone can give the appearance of hollowness. Concealer and foundation mimic the look of rested, even skin. Eyeliner and mascara bring back what nature has taken away by boosting definition. It’s about playing with what suits you, but the short answer is it absolutely can.” 


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