Welcome To The Next Generation Of Facial Aesthetics

Welcome To The Next Generation Of Facial Aesthetics

Meet Ouronyx. While the nation’s been in lockdown, its founders have been putting together a team – and a space – that are set to redefine facial aesthetics. With restrictions beginning to lift, Ouronyx is about to open its doors at Twenty St James. From the holistic approach to the softening interiors, here’s why Ouronyx is the new name you need to know.


The News:

The founders of Ouronyx are on a mission to reshape the facial aesthetics industry. Looking towards the future, Ouronyx is about personalised, holistic treatments. World-leading aesthetics doctors work with your face as a whole, helping you find the right combination of treatments at the right time for you. It’s a new approach that they’re convinced delivers the best results.

The Background:

Through her own experience with non-surgical treatments, co-founder Ida Banek realised there was an opportunity to look at facial aesthetics in a new and different way. Inspired by her background in analytics and behavioural science, Ida set out to establish a destination that would not only provide a technology and data-led experience, but would also change the narrative of the industry as a whole. “I used to dislike the way I was referred to as a ‘patient’ when I’d go for an appointment because I didn’t feel ill,” she tells us. “At Ouronyx, you’re never a patient and you won’t feel inferior to any doctor – you’re our client who we’re on a journey with.”


The Destination:

If you’ve had non-surgical treatments before, you’ll be familiar with the medical feel of many clinics. Ouronyx is not like that. In a large, beautiful space close to Green Park, its minimalist interiors instil a sense of luxury. The Medical Zone – where the magic happens – boasts six injecting suites. Anything medical is out of sight in favour of plush sofas, making it more akin to a leading luxury hotel lobby. There’s even the option to have specially formulated make-up applied by an artist post-treatment.

The Tech:

Regardless of treatment plan, every Ouronyx client has access to state-of-the art technology. Consultations are carried out in 3D: to create the optimal treatment plan, the team will assess your face from multiple angles, and measure everything from volume loss to wrinkle depth, skin texture, pigmentation and bone structure. Then, over the weeks and months, you’ll see your treatments taking effect – whether it’s a new-found glow thanks to skin boosters, or a more defined jawline and cheekbones thanks to expertly administered filler that finesses features and strengthens facial structure. Throughout the process, interactive screens on walls help doctors explain any treatment, while ceiling projections can show you what your doctor is doing in real time. “We’ll never just put a small mirror in your hands and tell you to take a look and see the difference,” says Ida. 

In a world where the aesthetics industry is booming and social media is educating consumers, trusted doctors are worth their weight in gold.
In a world where the aesthetics industry is booming and social media is educating consumers, trusted doctors are worth their weight in gold.

The Approach:

Whether you’re already firmly interested in injectables, or just want to explore your options, your Ouronyx journey will start with a consultation that incorporates your social, emotional and aesthetic goals. You’ll work with one doctor from start to finish – including care plan, follow-up calls, general support and check-ins – and be involved every step of the way, however long it takes. For example, says Ida, “If you opt for a treatment to improve jawline definition, this can last for up to two years, while softer products used elsewhere on your face may need refreshing after around nine months.”

The Team:

In a world where the aesthetics industry is booming and social media is educating consumers, trusted doctors are worth their weight in gold. Bringing together the industry’s top talent, Ouronyx has carefully selected the most experienced and inspiring team of doctors in the field of facial aesthetics globally. These visionary doctors were chosen for their passion and brilliance; helping to set the gold standard for the business and industry around the world.

The Details:

To celebrate the opening month, Ouronyx is inviting you for a complimentary consultation to visit the space and learn more about its unique approach and treatments available. For more information and to book your consultation, head to Ouronyx.com. Follow @Ouronyx on Instagram for news from the brand.

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