What Is Nanoblading & Does It Work?

What Is Nanoblading & Does It Work?

With more than 37,000 Instagram mentions already in the bank, nanoblading is ready to go mainstream. Here’s everything you need to know about the treatment that promises fuller brows with minimal pain.

It Uses Needles, Unlike Microblading

Nanoblading is similar to microblading, with a key difference. It uses fine, flexible needles that mimic the diameter and dimension of real hair in the skin. Laura Kay, nanoblading expert and founder of Laura Kay London, says this makes it more precise and accurate than microblading. The ultra-fine blade creates a more natural-looking shape without depositing too much pigment as it goes. 

It’s Not As Painful As You Might Think 

It’s not completely pain-free, but its flexible needles are reportedly less painful than the harder blades used in microblading. Also, nanoblading doesn’t go as deep, only penetrating the top layer of the skin into the upper dermis. A topical anaesthetic is still applied pre-procedure to minimise any discomfort. Tracie Giles, founder of the Tracie Giles Bespoke Permanent Make-Up Clinic, says you’ll often see small scabs form from the pigment in the needle, but they will gradually fall off in 7-10 days. Don’t pick them – you will pull out pigment from your skin prematurely.

The Results Last Longer Than Other Tattoo Treatments

Specialists agree that nanoblading tends to last much longer than microblading thanks to its needle technique, which allows for better pigment adherence. Top-ups vary from person to person, but most can wait up to 18 months before they require a follow-up session. Some have even claimed to wait three years before a retouch.  

You’ll Need Two Sessions For Maximum Impact

At the first appointment, you discuss your chosen eyebrow shape and the best colour for you. You’ll then have your chosen shape drawn on top of your brows. Check them over and make sure you’re happy before the treatment begins. This first session will yield full, shapely brows, but you’ll need a follow-up appointment roughly four to eight weeks later for the best finish. 

Aftercare Is Essential To High Brow Results

There are a few post-treatment dos and don’ts. After both sessions, your main objective is to keep your brows dry for a week. Keep them away from sweat and out of water when showering. If they do get a bit wet, gently blot them with a tissue or towel. It’s also paramount that you stay out of the sun to avoid possible reactions or discolouration.

Prices Can Vary

As a guide, you should be questioning the reliability of anything under £200. That sounds a lot but, for most people with sparse brows, the pros outweigh the cost – especially given the treatment’s longevity. You won’t have to fill or shape your brows for up to a year afterwards.

Keen to try it?

With nanoblading from £395, these are the best places to go in London: 

  1. The Permanent Make-Up Clinic, Laura Kay London
  2. Tracie Giles Bespoke Permanent Make-Up
  3. Brows By Nadja, Korean Nanoblading
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