Why Brow Pinching Is Beauty’s Next Big Thing

Why Brow Pinching Is Beauty’s Next Big Thing

Reducing puffiness and softening fine lines, brow pinching is said to be beauty’s new alternative to Botox. Who knew there was more to good brows than wielding a set of tweezers? We spoke to expert and founder of Blink Brow Bar Vanita Parti, for everything you need to know about this nippy new treatment...

First Things First, What Exactly Is Brow Pinching?

Brow pinching is a treatment that’s been designed to target key pressure points around the eye and brow area, helping to reduce puffiness and rejuvenate eyes. Think a natural answer to an eye lift. It taps into your Marma points and chakras to cleanse, rebalance and energise. It also increases blood-flow which allows cells to be nourished with essential nutrients that rejuvenate the skin and allow the body to heal. As a result, collagen production is increased, which improves skin elasticity and evens out fine lines and rough texture.

So How Exactly Does It Work?

As a form of yoga massage, it aids in circulation and boosts a lazy lymph. The actual pinching also has the double effect of removing toxin build up, it’s this simple method that’s nature’s way of keeping those fine lines at bay. The Marma points are opened by pressing the pressure points around the face, eyes and head. This will immediately awaken the sense and balance out energy. The massage around the eyes will help increase circulation by stimulating the deeper layers of the skin, while working to elevate the strain that builds through endless hours of staring at a computer and phone screen. Your brows get a little tidy up at the same time too.

Why Has It Been Introduced As A Treatment?

Everyone is resorting to invasive methods to restore youth and forgetting about ancient techniques, which I and many, believe to be more effective and natural when done regularly. Initially, at Blink Brow Bar, we introduced an aspect of the treatment into our ayurvedic eye soother treatment and signature post-treatment massage – the experience has become so popular, customers demanded more, which is why we’ve made it a permanent treatment addition to the service menu. Plus, it’s only 15-minutes long, so it’s accessible and a welcome respite from busy lifestyles.

What Has Inspired The Technique Of Brow Pinching?

The technique was inspired by the ancient Ayurvedic holistic system of wellbeing which aims to naturally postpose the onset of wrinkles; and when used in conjunction with a brow oil or holistic mist, skin and the brow area is deeply nourished and soothed at the same time.

Will Your Skin Need Time To Recover?

Not at all, the pinching is incredibly gentle and at just a mere 10 minutes, you’re more likely to find the whole experience relaxing rather than painful. You also won’t require any downtime, in fact you should leave with a healthy, radiant glow – that’s what makes the treatment so special. The treatment will alternate between firm kneading strokes, with pinching at the top and bottom of the brow and circular massaging movement around the eye socket. Whether you believe in its spiritual claims or not, you won’t be able to deny the revitalised colour and radiance that floods your face.

Where Can You Try The Treatment?

Currently brow pinching is only available at Blink Brow Bar, but we expect to see a stream of copycat treatments to launch soon thanks to its growing popularity. Keen to give it a try? Book an appointment by downloading the BBB London app or visit bbb-london.com to find your nearest salon.

Can You Try It At Home?

Yes, though for your first time it may be worth seeking out a professional to gain the insider tips and tricks. But as a general rule, apply some oil to your brows, then using your thumb and forefinger to start pinching at the front of your brows. Continue to pinch along right through to the end of your brows. Give your temples a massage with your forefingers and middle fingers, then finish by applying pressure on your ‘third eye’ (the centre of your forehead) with your forefinger and middle finger of one hand. You can repeat these steps as many times as you desire.  

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