Why Jelly Beauty Products Are Having A Moment

There’s a surprising new texture taking the beauty world by storm – jelly. With a lightweight formula that is both cooling and hydrating, jelly textures are the perfect choice to refresh summer skin. These products are easy to use, simple to blend and deliver a dewy complexion all day long whatever the temperature. If you want to switch up your skincare this summer - this is the texture to try.

Jelly textures have been hugely popular in Asian cosmetic companies for years, and now, we’re starting to see a steady stream of innovative new buys over here, too. They flood your skin with more moisture than cream or milk textures, keep skin looking quenched all day long, and have bouncy textures that not only provide seamless application, but are super satisfying to touch, too. Expect impressive colour payoff, breathable coverage and a finish that dries down fast. Keen to try the trend? Get busy with any one of these 12 here…

EOS Jelly Balm, £7

This natural, moisturising balm softens and hydrates with shea butter, coconut and avocado oils, with a satisfying silky touch upon application, too. Great for on-the-go.

Avaliable at Boots.com

INC.redible Good Day Jelly Spray, £12

Whether you want to prime your skin for make-up or keep it from damaging pollution and ageing blue-light, this does-it-all spritz has you covered. It’s also paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan, not to mention incredibly hydrating.

Avaliable at JohnLewis.com

MAKE Tinted Marine Salve, £18

With a best-selling formula, this soothing jelly salve uses marine algae, butters and oils to hydrate and soothe everything from chapped lips to dry elbows, as well as reducing inflammation. The soft, subtle colour is a great new addition that gives a wind-flushed finish to lips and cheeks.

Avaliable at Selfridges.com

NIP & Fab Glycolic Fix Jelly Mask, £11.36

Thanks to exfoliating glycolic and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, this invigorating gel texture brightens, targets dryness and uses vitamin B3 to improve the skin’s luminosity over time.

Avaliable at LookFantastic.com

NYX Jelly Primer, £15

No make-up physically shrinks pores, but NYX’s latest primer comes close as soon as it’s rubbed onto the skin. The bouncy jelly creates a veil over the skin, giving a glass-like finish that lasts all day with no unwanted pilling.

Avaliable at LookFantastic.com

Rimmel Jelly Highlighters, £8.99

These new jelly highlighters are a bestseller for a reason. Not only are they incredibly satisfying to touch, they add a quick, subtle sheen with a single swipe, plus a little goes a long way.

Avaliable at LookFantastic.com

Truly Organic Melon Jelly Face Mask, £10

Loaded with omega-3 and six, as well as proteins for a strong, healthy skin barrier, this pretty pink face mask gets to work at plumping and hydrating fast. It also soothes irritation and redness in a heartbeat with nourishing antioxidants – perfect during the summer months.

Avaliable at FreePeople.com

Chanel Healthy Glow Touch Foundation, £43

One of our favourite foundations of all time, this gives skin a semi-matte finish and covers imperfections, but never the natural texture of your skin.

Avaliable at JohnLewis.com

Chantecaille Cheek Gelée, £39

Available in two suits-all shades, this moisturising blush gives just a very delicate, natural flush, lending warmth where your complexion most needs it. The combination of being a stain with the freshness and lightness of a gel also means this goes the distance and stays on the skin for hours.

Avaliable at SpaceNK.com

Elemis Jelly Exfoliator, £28 

Made from anti-oxidant rich fruit extracts, Elemis’ revitalising jelly scrub leaves skin feeling soft, silky and completely refreshed. It’s so delicate that even keen scrubbers won’t overdo it.

Avaliable at LookFantastic.com

Rituals Jellylicious Wobbling Shower Jelly, £6.90 

The liquid-gel formula dispenses as a wobbly texture and lathers into fluffy foam. If you love catching whiffs of a subtle delicious scent on your skin all day, it has that going for it, too, with notes of pink grapefruit and flamingo glower.

Avaliable at Rituals.com

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