10 Unmissable Podcast Episodes We’ve Loved
10 Unmissable Podcast Episodes We’ve Loved

10 Unmissable Podcast Episodes We’ve Loved

Fancy listening to something different? To give you a taster of what’s out there, we’ve rounded up the essential, unmissable episodes from some new series and old favourites. From gripping true crime stories to celebrity interviews, these are all worth downloading now…
By Sherri Andrew

Every Outfit:

On Choupette’s Met Gala

Authors, presenters and best friends Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni know their stuff. Their podcast includes episodes about the fashion, plot and drama from Sex and the City – and its spin-off show And Just Like That – as well as episodes on pop culture and current news. For this deep dive into this year’s Met Gala, Chelsea and Lauren discuss the best and worst dressed on the red carpet, the good and terrifying tributes to Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette, and whether Anna Wintour is really dating Bill Nighy. You’ll learn about some of the lesser-known fashion houses in the States, plus you’ll gain insight into what’s happening over in NYC right now – perfect for any Carrie Bradshaw fan.

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Filthy Ritual:

The Healer of Hampstead

Podcasters Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala, who are behind the true crime series Redhanded, have a new crime to get stuck into. This one happened at the turn of the 21st century in one of London's most wealthy suburbs. Juliette D'Souza wreaked havoc on several people's lives. She became filthy rich, and one of the most prolific con women in British history. It all starts with eccentric osteopath Keith Bender. Keith’s life is falling apart when he meets the mysterious Juliette. She wins his trust and whisks him off on a journey to meet a shamanic healer, changing his life forever. Soon, she’s bringing her supernatural influence to London. No spoilers, but this is an unbelievable story….

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Flipping the Bird:

Elon vs Twitter: Extremely Hardcore

When Elon Musk posted a video of himself arriving at Twitter HQ carrying a white sink along with the message, “Let that sink in!” it marked the end of a dramatic takeover. Musk had gone from Twitter critic to ‘Chief Twit’ in the space of just a few months, but his arrival didn’t put an end to questions about his motives. Musk had earned a reputation as a business maverick. From PayPal to Tesla to SpaceX, his name was synonymous with big, earth-shattering ideas. So, what did he want with a social media platform? And was this all really in the name of free speech or all in the name of Elon Musk? Episode three is when everything goes to pot. Elon decimates the workforce in one fell swoop and chaos ensues. Some see the method behind the madness, while other employees think this could be Musk’s biggest mistake yet. 

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Pop Off:

Sofia Ritchie’s Wedding

We’ve been searching for a British pop culture podcast for a while, so we were excited to tune into this new show hosted by Lewys Ball and Isla Loba. They react to the latest social media trends, reality TV moments and celebrity drama, from DM slides to viral TikToks. Go back a few episodes and listen to their analysis of Sofia Ritchie’s recent wedding, which took the internet by storm. From Sofia’s custom Chanel dresses (rumoured to have cost upwards of £250,000) to her celebrity pals dancing barefoot to Good Charlotte at the reception, there were plenty of unforgettable moments.

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Love, Janessa:

Helen of Troy

If you were hooked by catfishing podcast Sweet Bobby, you need this one in your listening queue. It tells the story of Janessa Brazil, an adult entertainment star who now has one of the most impersonated faces on the internet. Stolen images of her were used to con victims out of thousands of dollars, breaking hearts in the process. Journalist Hannah Ajala heads on an elaborate journey to find Janessa and those responsible for the catfishing scams. Episode two focuses on Roberto, an Italian farmer who, without ever seeing or talking to Janessa, falls deeply in love. He sends thousands of dollars and begs her to leave the adult entertainment world. Everyone tells Roberto he’s being scammed, and when he’s asked to meet her at airport in Europe, things go from bad to worse.

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Memories from the Dance Floor:


A timely release for Pride Month, Memories from the Dance Floor celebrates LGBTQ+ venues around the UK, unravelling the forgotten history behind queer nightlife. Host Damian Kerlin explores 20th-century queer culture and the opening of super clubs. In each episode he speaks to founders, artists, promoters and patrons about what makes these clubs institutions and how they became pillars in their communities. Our favourite episode focused on iconic London spot Heaven, which has hosted performers like Madonna, Spice Girls, Janet Jackson, Little Mix and Girls Aloud over the years. The episode looks back at its opening in 1979 and how it’s played a central role in the development of London's queer scene for the last 44 years.

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Call Her Daddy:

Gwyneth Paltrow

Podcaster Alex Cooper has a knack for getting her celeb pals to spill the beans in her hugely popular series Call Her Daddy. From Hailey Bieber to Rebel Wilson, a string of A-listers have been into her studio this year, but one of the most interesting episodes is with actor and wellness guru Gwyneth Paltrow. This isn’t the episode in which Gwyneth talks about her controversial bone both diet – you can listen to that here – but she does talk about her career highlights and what it was like to date some of the world’s most famous men, including Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck. She also discusses dealing with the British press, marrying Chris Martin, and why she created Goop.

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Amanda is Dying

Another true crime podcast worth the hype is Scamanda, the story of one woman who faked her own cancer diagnosis. Told by award-winning journalist Charlie Webster, it centres on Amanda, a Californian blogger, wife and new mother. She’s beautiful, charming and bubbly, but she has a secret. She starts a blog detailing her cancer journey, and becomes an inspiration, touching and captivating her local community as well as followers all over the world. That is until an investigative producer gets an anonymous tip telling her to look at Amanda’s blog. In this particular episode, we hear about Amanda’s seemingly normal life and why she decided to create that infamous blog.

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How To Fail:

Margaret Atwood On Wisdom, Witchcraft And Womanhood

Elizabeth Day’s podcast is popular for good reason. She interviews experts and household names with care and attention. Her recent interview with Booker prize-winning author Margaret Atwood is a fascinating listen. Atwood discusses her long and varied career, why The Handmaid’s Tale is still as relevant today as it was 30 years ago, and her obsession with witchcraft. When Elizabeth asks her about her failures, she talks about the novel that led to the conception of her most successful and celebrated book.

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Episode 3 – The School

On 29th July 1981, Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer, and the eyes of the world are watching. In the crowd an eight-year-old boy named Vishal Mehrotra watches the celebrations. An hour later he is missing. Despite a huge police search, young Vishal is never seen alive again. Forty years on, and despite the emergence of new evidence, no one has been brought to justice and the police appear to have exhausted all their leads. Then one day, as the world is going into lockdown in 2020, a BBC local reporter receives a secretive message from a person who says they have worked within the police. They tell the reporter they’ve seen something extraordinary that could blow the case wide open. One of the most gripping parts is five episodes in, when a group of men bravely tell an investigator what happened to them at school 40 years ago, in the hope that what they know may help the investigation into Vishal’s disappearance.

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