8 Funny Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

If there's one thing sure to cheer up a daily commute, it's a laugh-out-loud podcast. From terrible life advice to cringy dads writing erotic literature, here are SL’s favourite funny listens, for anybody who needs a laugh right now…

My Favourite Murder

Garnering a huge amount of fans across the world, comedians Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff are now considered podcast royalty after tapping into our obsession with horrific true crime stories. Their hugely successful podcast sees the duo tackling a different murder or survival story every week, with each providing a hilarious and heartfelt retelling of some of the most notorious murders throughout history. As well as the main episodes, each week the pair encourage listeners to share their ‘hometown murders’, which they read aloud and discuss, covering everything from killer neighbours to weird things found in walls. And each episode ends with a loud meow from Hardstark’s Siamese cat, Elvis – adorable! 

Listen to My Favourite Murder here

My Dad Wrote A Porno

If you haven’t yet heard the podcast from Radio 1’s Alice Levine and TV producers James Cooper and Jamie Morton, then a word of warning: if you listen to this in public, be prepared to get some stares, because you’re not going to be able to resist cackling to this on the tube. When Jamie discovered his father – who writes under the pseudonym Rocky Flintstone – had written a series of erotic fiction novels titled Belinda Blinked, his first instinct was to sit down with Alice and James and critique the material on a podcast. And we’re so glad they did – wonderfully quirky and delightfully rude (not to mention poorly spelled), the show has garnered worldwide attention, with over 80m downloads, live shows and a book now under their belts.

Listen to My Dad Wrote A Porno here

2 Dope Queens

Last year, 2 Dope Queens bagged itself an HBO comedy special and it’s not hard to see why. Jessica Williams and Pheobe Robinson’s hilarious commentary on all subjects, ranging from skincare to which Nicholas Cage character you’d most like to have sex with, is like eavesdropping on a natter with your funniest girlfriends. And it’s this comedy gold that bags them the best guests – expect the likes of Gabrielle Union, Michael B Jordan and Kevin Bacon to make an appearance on their live shows.

Listen to 2 Dope Queens here

Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Many will know Anna Faris from her starring role in the first few Scary Movie films and her American sitcom Mom, but some might be aware of her celebrity presence solely through her wildly popular and sweetly funny podcast, which is often sitting at the top of the Apple charts. The show sees her and co-host/long-time friend Sim Sarna chatting with celebrities and other big names in Hollywood, such as Faris’s Mom co-star Allison Janey, ice skating champion (and everyone’s favourite tweeter) Adam Rippon, Judd Apatow and Billy Eichner. Each episode sees Anna and guest dish out ‘unqualified’ advice to listeners on anything from dating to work.

Listen to Anna Faris Is Unqualified here

The Guilty Feminist

Join comedian and writer Deborah Frances-White as she and a bunch of special guests discuss topics that “all 21st-century feminists agree on”, while also confessing the insecurities and fears that underlie their principles. As such, each episode (as well as their live shows and Frances-White’s book) starts with the phrase, “I’m a feminist, but…”. Get ready to laugh over the tramedy that is toxic masculinity and the diet industry – and head to one of their live shows, if you can get a ticket. Which usually sell out at break-neck speed…

Listen to The Guilty Feminist here

The Baby-Sitter’s Club Club

Jack and Tanner’s biography goes a little something like this: “One relatively small man, one relatively large man, and one HUGE idea: To read through the seminal works of American novelist Ann M Martin in chronological order and initiate ourselves, in the process, into the arcane, mystical rites of the Baby-Sitters Club.” Yes, from Kirsty’s Great Idea to Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, this podcast takes you on a journey – a strange, strange journey – through Martin’s literary canon. Get ready to feel nostalgic and weirded out all at the same time.

Listen to The Baby-Sitter’s Club Club here

Adam And Joe

An oldie but a goodie, Adam and Joe – featuring comedian Adam Buxton and now-filmmaker Joe Cornish – featured on Radio 6 from 2007-2009 (plus a revival in 2011), but it’s a podcast that has stood the test of time. The pair started making random comedic videos together back in school – along with their good friend Louis Theroux – so by the time they started their radio show, their comedic timing was perfectly in sync. Weird, hilarious and now wonderfully retro, it’s definitely worth a listen.

Listen to Adam And Joe here

Keep It

Ira Madison, culture critic and Daily Beast columnist, and co-hosts Louis Virtel and Kara Brown, are joined each week by comedians, actors, musicians and journalists for a conversation on pop culture and politics. From movies to music to terrible tweets celebs have sent in the middle of the night, nothing is off limits in this sassy podcast. Rachel Dolezal getting a Netflix documentary? Keep it. Louis CK? Keep it. Yes, this will fast become your new catchphrase for everything that’s terrible in the world.

Listen to Keep It here

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