My Playlist… With Charlie Hedges

My Playlist… With Charlie Hedges

From the artists worth following on Spotify to the one tune which always gets her on the dancefloor, here Radio 1 DJ Charlie Hedges shares her favourite things in music – as well as her top playlists for easy summer listening.

The music that never goes out of style is… anything and everything. What I love about music is it doesn’t matter what style you’re into, whether it’s the same as your friends or not… that feeling you get when music takes you somewhere or evokes a particular memory is priceless. Life without music would be so dull. Whenever someone asks me what music to put on, I always say whatever you want – for me, all music is worth listening to.

The best music for hanging out with friends is… dance music. My brother, myself and our friends have so many memories from Ibiza, festivals, or when I’ve been DJing. Dance music has such a beautiful way of uniting people – every track tells a story, and every story is unique. There’s no better feeling then getting ready, going out and dancing as the sun goes down.

If you’re in the mood to party, listen to… Mollie Collins, Sam Divine, Sub Focus, High Contrast, Eric Prydz, Bicep… I could go on, but these are the artists currently on rotation on my own playlist. 

The track that always gets me on the dancefloor is… the latest one from Saffron Stone and Kideko – it’s called The Music. The lyrics give me goosebumps – especially when you think about how long venues festivals have been closed for now. Until they do, I’m playing it on repeat on my show on Radio 1 [Ed’s note: Dance Anthems, Saturdays, 4pm]. I’m excited to see what Saffron Stone does next.

At the end of a long day, I love listening to… Jake Bugg, Lenny Kravitz, Arctic Monkeys and Prince. I’ve always listened to plenty of different styles and although I could listen to dance music 24/7, I like to switch it up sometimes. I was also blown away by Liam Gallagher’s online performance he did on the boat on the Thames a few months ago. It made me really excited to get to a festival and watch live bands and DJs again. I’ve got tickets for Reading Festival this year – I can’t wait.

My top three best start-of-the-weekend tunes are… Ella Henderson, Tom Grennan, the ‘Let’s Go Home Together’ Charlie Hedges & Eddie Craig remix…. It would be rude not to include one of my own tunes wouldn’t it?! Also, Piero Pirupa ‘Everybody’s Free’ – a new rework of an old classic and Shouse ‘Love Tonight’, the David Guetta remix. When this tune drops, it’s epic. Just close your eyes and picture yourself at a festival with people around you again. It has all the feels. 

The best music for driving… depends on my mood. Coming home from the show on a Saturday I’m usually buzzing, so I’ll stick some more dance tunes on or listen back to another dance show on the BBC Sounds app – there’s loads of stuff on there, from Annie Mac’s shows or Danny Howard on a Friday night, Jack Saunders with his Future Artists show, and Sian Eleri’s Chillest Show… there’s so much choice. If I’m in a chilled mood, it’s normally Arctic Monkeys, Razorlight or Ocean Colour Scene. If I’m going out-out, maybe some Chase & Status, Wilkinson or High Contrast.

The album I always listen to on holiday is… Disclosure’s ‘Settle’… there are so many tunes on there, it’s the perfect holiday soundtrack.

For an energy boost, listen to… anything by Sub Focus – ‘Tidal Wave’ is my favourite – or CamelPhat’s ‘Constellations’ is another favourite. Both artists can completely transform a mood or a night out – as does all music in my opinion. 

The music that always makes me emotional is… Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’. Such an incredible artist gone too soon, she was super talented, so that entire album makes me emotional.

Same goes for any Avicii track, too – again, another incredible producer/DJ who sadly isn’t with us anymore; I have so many amazing memories seeing him DJ in Ushuaia, Ibiza. I love playing his tunes on Dance Anthems because there are so many that make me happy, even if it makes me equally sad to know he’s no longer here.

My favourite radio shows are… Annie Mac’s show and Danny Howard’s on Friday nights. Jack Saunders’ show is great, too, as he focuses on up-and-coming artists. I love all of my Radio 1 family, so it’s hard to pick one person – every show brings something different to the table. Oh – I’ve just remembered – I also really love The Blessed Madonna’s new show on BBC Radio 6 Music, too!

There’s nothing better than hearing Franky Wah’s ‘Come Together’ on the radio. I’ll never be able to listen to it without thinking of the first lockdown – it was being played everywhere at the time. It’s a special track, with such an important message and I can’t wait for all of us to come together once more when restrictions have been lifted.

My favourite album right now is… Bicep’s ‘Isles’. They’ve managed to create an album that even when you’re just listening to it at home, makes you feel like you’re out with your friends. They’re incredible producers, so I’ve got a lot of time and respect for them.

My favourite album of all time has to be… Chase n Status ‘No More Idols’ – again, it’s hard to pick, but I’ve played this one so many times. The collabs on there are insanely good…. from Liam Bailey to Maverick Sabre, Sub Focus, Plan B… I could go on…

The best song of all time is… Faithless ‘Insomnia’. It might be a bit predictable, but this tune holds so many memories – nowadays there’s a great rework from Maceo Plex, which I played on the show recently. Check it out, it’s a great edit.

My top artist right now is… MK and his new tune ‘Chemical’, which was co-produced by CamelPhat. This track is MK at his best – such a summer tune with a great vibe to it.

The under-the-radar artist everyone needs to know is… KC Lights. He’s been around for a few years, he’s from Glasgow and every tune showcases his incredible production skills. He knows exactly what sound he’s all about, and he’s super talented.

Spotify is great for… Discovering new music; bringing all your favourite tunes and albums together in one place; creating a solo party for yourself; sharing music with other people; immersing yourself on a musical journey; and setting the right mood – day or night.

My tips for building a good playlist are… Build it according to how you are feeling. Chances are someone feels the same as you and will want to listen along to share in those experiences.


Inspired? Here are some of Charlie’s favourite Spotify playlists to get you in the mood for summer… 

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