Advice For Making Monochrome Cooler
Advice For Making Monochrome Cooler

Advice For Making Monochrome Cooler

Influencer Signe Emilie Olesen is a master of monochrome dressing – no matter how simple the look, she knows exactly how to make it look that little bit more interesting, which is why we asked her for some tips…
By Sapna Rao


Embrace the ‘less is more’ principle. I definitely see myself as a minimalist. To me, this means focusing on the little details rather than wearing loud pieces that scream for attention. In fact, the most colourful thing I own is probably a pair of blue Agolde jeans!

Find and stick to your core words. Mine are simple, oversized and classic. While this may feel boring to some, it works for me, as my wardrobe has a unified colour palette that makes it easy to mix and match every piece.

Since colour doesn't really play much of a part in my wardrobe, I ELEVATE MY LOOKS by FOCUSING ON THE SILHOUETTES.

Find your core pieces. If I had to choose three of my own, it would be my off-white Skall Studio shirt, my stone-washed Agolde jeans and my black Coperni bag. Each piece, while minimal, has a cool or interesting edge to it, so it feels more elevated when it’s styled with other staples,.


Fits and shapes make monochrome dressing interesting. Since colour doesn't really play much of a part in my wardrobe, I elevate my looks by focusing on the silhouettes. I have a background in graphic design, so I see ‘lines’ and ‘shapes’ in a way perhaps others don’t. Some might think minimalism is boring or soulless, but I find it really beautiful. 

Go oversized for a cooler edge. Like I said, fit is really important for making monochrome looks feel less boring – but it's important to work out just how oversized to go in relation to your body type. I’m quite tall, so I find that wide, long trousers or jeans are best, and I usually pair them with a tighter-fitting top and then oversized outerwear. 

Add dynamism with different textures. When I’m getting dressed or picking clothes, shape comes first, then texture. It’s these subtle nuances that give a look a more interesting feel. I really started building the wardrobe I have now in 2020 – so it’s been quite a slow process. I don’t love trends; instead, I like to really consider what I’m buying. If something fades fast from my thoughts, then I know it wasn't for me.



Use your accessories to maximum effect. An interesting piece of jewellery can transform a look. A brand I like a lot right now is Le Sundial. It crafts high-quality, fine and elegant earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I love the ‘Nautilus’ pieces because they take inspiration from the sea and nature generally.

Reach for your archives. I’m usually a silver girl, but six months before my grandmother died, she gave me a gold bracelet that was gifted to her by my grandfather as a present on the morning of their wedding. I’ve not taken it off since she gave it to me. It’s the only piece of gold jewellery I own, but I break my own rules just to wear it. Plus I love the way it looks with the rest of my pieces to add a statement to my looks

Don’t take an all-black look for granted. The key is to find the right combination for you and pair it with interesting details to break up the colour – whether that’s jewellery or accessories. Layering is another way to elevate an all-black look. Sometimes though, a plain black t-shirt, the right pair of oversized trousers and some cool boots are enough.


With white, it’s all about the tones. I tend to avoid all-white looks and instead usually go for varying shades of white or beige to maintain depth and contrast. You can also break up a look like this with a brown belt, a black bag or black slingbacks. 

Maxi coats make everything look cooler. Layered over a simple look, they're the perfect balance of feminine and masculine – especially the more oversized or boxier styles. I rely on coats like this as I live in Denmark. I probably wear them for two thirds of the year – or maybe more – so they have a permanent place in my wardrobe.

Don’t take an all-black look for granted. THE KEY is to FIND THE RIGHT COMBINATION for you and PAIR IT WITH INTERESTING DETAILS to break up the colour.


Suits and co-ords always make more of an impact. I was recently introduced to Heba Shaikh by my dear friend Sara King and now I own a full suit of long, wide trousers and double-breasted blazer. Both are made from 100% soft virgin wool in a dark black colour. I didn’t own a matching set before, so this was such a great addition to my wardrobe. I love that I can style it for a sophisticated event or I can mix and match it with the rest of my wardrobe for something more casual. 

If you’re on a budget, get creative. If you can, thrift. That’s how I got started. Rather than buying from fast fashion brands, I suggest spending a little more, but less frequently and really thinking about purchases before making them. Remember, a great wardrobe takes time to build – but it’s worth it in the end.

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