Style Rules For Tall Women

Style Rules For Tall Women

At 5 ft 11 in, blogger and former model Louisa Hatt knows exactly what it takes to dress a taller frame. From styling hacks to the best places to shop, here she shares her tips.

Look in the menswear section. 

“I used to hate the idea of doing this, but introducing menswear pieces to my look has been such a positive thing. Taller women should shop for things like jumpers, shirts and coats from men’s section because they will be long enough for your arms. Tailoring is such a big trend for all genders this season, so there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by menswear.”

Know where to shop for longer length trousers. 

“Arket is a great high street shop for taller women, especially for their tailored trousers, as they have a longer inside leg – plus, the colour range is more varied. Uniqlo’s ‘U’ collection also caters to a longer leg, but you have to be quick as their collections sell out so fast.” 

For a designer purchase, look to Acne Studios

“Perhaps because it’s a Scandi brand and Scandinavian women are often taller – either way, everything Acne Studios creates looks good on a tall frame. I have a few coats from them and they fit me beautifully, so they were definitely worth the investment.”

Check the model’s height when shopping online. 

“Shopping online as a tall woman can be tricky, and the best thing you can do is check the height of the model, which is usually found somewhere in the product description. This way, you’ll have a better idea of whether something will be the right length for you.”


Shopping online as a tall woman can be tricky, and the best thing you can do is check the height of the model.


Shopping online as a tall woman can be tricky, and the best thing you can do is check the height of the model.


Be fastidious about length.

 “The ideal length for cropped trousers is always few inches above the ankles, as opposed to a few inches below the knee. If you’re wearing boots with them, make sure there’s only a small gap between the top of the boot and the trouser leg, as this will create a more elongated silhouette. When it comes to midi skirts, the most flattering length is the mid-calf, at the point where your leg starts to slim towards the ankle.”

Balance out broad shoulders with A-line skirts.

“If you’re concerned about looking too top heavy, an A-line midi skirt will balance out your proportions. Cinching in your waist is a great way to create a feminine silhouette, too – just add a waist belt to high waisted trousers and skirts.”

Don’t avoid altering your clothes. 

 “With the help of a sewing machine, I’m not that bad at making small changes to my clothes. For example, I recently unpicked the hem of a maxi dress to make it a couple of inches longer. If you’re not so handy with a needle and thread, visiting a tailor is a great way to nail a better fit – especially when it comes to those menswear pieces.” 

Embrace your height, don’t hide it. 

“In the past, I used to hate my height and would walk with my head lower to try and hide it, but I’ve realised there are so many positives to being tall. Pieces that have more volume and fabric, like barrel leg trousers and oversized coats, are easier to pull off when you’re taller, so use that to your advantage.”


Remember, long coats are your best friend. 

“One of the best things about having a taller frame is being able to make certain looks appear effortless. For instance, a really long wool coat will always look chic and elegant. Below the knee is always best in my opinion, but for designs above the knee, go for something more fitted to stop you looking too boxy.” 

Don’t shy away from wearing heels.

“Tall women look great in heels – just make sure you can walk in them. Admittedly, I don’t tend to wear them as much as I used to and when I did, a three-inch heel was the limit. But if wearing them makes you feel good, go for it.” 

Experiment with different styles and proportions. 

“Just because you’re tall doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment with new pieces like everyone else. Don’t feel limited by your height – if you’re intrigued by a new designer, style or look then try it. My style is constantly evolving – sometimes things work and other times they don’t. And that’s okay.”

Finally, always be proud of your height. 

“The key to great style is confidence, so make considered clothing purchases and walk tall – if you do, you’ll look great.”

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