3 Cool Jewellery Brands To Know
3 Cool Jewellery Brands To Know

3 Cool Jewellery Brands To Know

Here at SL, it’s our job to keep you in the know and up to date on the latest brands. This time, we’re zooming in on a trio of contemporary jewellery brands – from statement gold earrings to delicate pendants, they’re doing a lot right…
Image: MISHO


South Asia’s Misho is all about sculpted statement pieces. Creative director Sushani Parekh set up the label to fuse fundamental concepts of art with jewellery design. From the Chunky Chain Hoops to the more delicate Elly necklace, everything is designed with the curves and contours of the body in mind. Its innovative approach has even seen it design jewellery to keep Airpods in place.

Visit MishoDesigns.com



LAOLI weaves together the classic, the contemporary and the mindful to celebrate the beauty within everyday moments. The brand is rooted in creative director Olivia Ball’s passion for materials that hold meaning and her quest for elegance. Collections are inspired by treasures passed down through her family, embracing the essence of life and legacy. The refinement goes beyond surface appearances: each piece is crafted from recycled gold, consciously cultivated lab diamonds and ethical stones, with wearability always to the fore. 

Visit LaoliWorld.com



Taking its name from a Haitian Creole word that reflects a shared appreciation for handcrafted objects, Bonvo is all about timeless elegance and quality, blending clean lines with understated luxury. Using 925 sterling silver and 14ct solid gold, the collection combines a blend of contemporary and traditional techniques. 

Visit Bonvo.com

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