A Lingerie Founder Shares Her Secrets To Feeling Confident
A Lingerie Founder Shares Her Secrets To Feeling Confident

A Lingerie Founder Shares Her Secrets To Feeling Confident

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, luxury lingerie and corsetry label Scarlett Gasque has launched Be Mine: The Sweetheart Collection. Sticking true to the brand’s DNA, it has old-Hollywood glamour, an unabashedly feminine aesthetic, and oodles of sex appeal. To inspire you to try something new, founder Chloé Rogers has some top tips for feeling your best when undressed…

Created in partnership with SCARLETT GASQUE

My secret to feeling irresistible is to embrace my femininity. I prioritise self-care to nurture both my body and mind, allowing confidence to come from within. To enhance this feeling, nothing beats slipping into a pretty sleepwear ensemble or a meticulously matched set. 

I’m passionate about bringing back the timeless allure of vintage aesthetics – but with a modern twist that can be accessible to everyone. Before I started the brand, one of the frustrations I encountered while shopping for corsets was the limited sizing available in most stores which neglected the diversity of body shapes and cup sizes. To address this, I launched a line of corsets that caters inclusively to both body size and cup size. I believe everyone deserves to feel their absolute best, especially when wearing elegant lingerie. I want to provide girls with pieces that fit like a glove and enhance their confidence. 

Lingerie is like having a personal secret that adds A TOUCH OF GLAMOUR to my day.

If you feel your best, you look your best – because feeling sexy comes within. That said, the right lingerie can enhance your confidence in the bedroom. The act of wearing lingerie can make you feel more alluring, attractive and in control, contributing to a heightened sense of confidence during intimate moments. Beyond the bedroom, when it's not visible, lingerie is like having a personal secret that adds a touch of glamour to my day, making me feel confident, sexy and in control. 

Ill-fitting lingerie can ruin an intimate experience, no matter how beautiful it is. Always make sure you check size guides, and know your shape and what looks most flattering on your body shape. Having a positive body image and self-acceptance is essential. By acknowledging and celebrating the uniqueness of your body, you're not just boosting confidence, you're laying the groundwork for a richer, more satisfying connection with yourself. 

For date night, I suggest a matching bra and underwear at the very least. If you are a bit shy or not yet comfortable with bolder choices like suspenders or corsets, a matching set adds just the right amount of excitement while still keeping that comfort factor. I personally love the ritual of applying make-up, styling my hair and dolling myself up.

Prioritise open dialogue and EMBRACE YOUR SENSUALITY – it's all about creating a connection that feels authentic and empowering.

I love a personalised fragrance to feel confident and like ‘me’. Aside from lingerie, it's all about finding scents that scream ‘me’ rather than focusing on brand names. When my fiancé catches a whiff of the scent I am wearing and says, 'It smells like Chloe,’ it turns those little moments into a sweet memory.

To feel empowered, I focus on maintaining a balance between physical and mental health. That could be through activities like regular exercise, meditation, drawing, designing and having positive relationships. That balance is not just important, it's my foundation. 

Letting go of inhibitions is key for boosting both confidence and sexual satisfaction. Establishing open communication with your partner, building a safe space for exploring both you and your partner's desires, creates a more fulfilling and genuine sexual experience. Prioritise open dialogue and embrace your sensuality – it's all about creating a connection that feels authentic and empowering.

The waspies are my favourite pieces in my collection. I adore the way they embrace my curves, sitting above my hips while cinching in my waist. I find myself constantly drawn to a sophisticated pin-up look. That's why, without hesitation, I opt for a corset. Though I also appreciate the comfort of a belt and suspender combo on certain nights. 

Planning a little surprise for my partner always gets me excited for Valentine’s Day. Whether that be a cute date night, getting them a gift or surprising them with some extra special lingerie.

Look Out For Scarlett Gasque's Pop-Up EventRunning from 8th - 15th February, you can get a preview of the new lingerie collection ahead of Valentine's Day.


To see more of the Be Mine collection, visit ScarlettGasque.com


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