How To Find The Right Sofa Bed
How To Find The Right Sofa Bed

How To Find The Right Sofa Bed

A sofa bed can be an unsung home hero, but it can also be an expensive mistake that’s uncomfortable to sit on and worse to sleep on. To help you find the right one, we went to some interior design pros…

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Lara Clarke
Lara Clarke

What’s the priority here – sofa or bed?

“In most cases, it will normally be used most as a sofa so consider how you want this to look. Then consider how long you want guests to stay. If it’s more than one or two nights, the comfort level of the mattress needs to be considered. That said, if you prefer your guests not to stay too long, do you need a really comfortable mattress?! Ultimately, though, mattress quality is key, so I’d upgrade to the best mattress you can afford – your guests will thank you for it.” – Laura Stephens 

“Think of your sofa bed as an extension of the room you are designing rather than an afterthought or trying to fit it into the space. If this is a room that doubles up as a study, consider how the room layout works with a sofa in the room.” – Lara Clarke 

“It’s a multipurpose piece of furniture, so it needs to be comfortable when used as either sofa or bed. This means having cushioning like a normal sofa and a mattress that is not too thin just so it can fold into the base. A good mattress tends to comes at the expense of additional storage in the base but it ensures a better night’s sleep.” – Henry Prideaux 

“Start with fit and functionality. Check the mechanism works efficiently, and make sure it is the right fit for your space. Before guests come for the first time, pull out the base and back and give it a test ride. There’s nothing worse than a faulty or flimsy sofa bed. Next, I would focus on comfort and style to make sure I’m not sleeping on a rock – and, of course, that it looks good.” – Kelly Collins

Sofa beds are often squeezed into small spaces – any special considerations here?

“A lot of the time, sofa beds are put upstairs in loft rooms or tucked into studies-cum-guestrooms, but they can be quite deep, so check your measurements to ensure they can go up the stairs. You don’t want access problems on delivery day.” – Laura 

“Remember that whatever size mattress you need – e.g. king (150cm) or super-king (180cm) – you need to allow additional width in your layout for the sofa arms on either side.” – Henry

Love Your Home
Love Your Home

How can you make it as comfortable as possible?

“Sofa beds have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable, but this is not the case anymore. The key to a comfortable sofa bed is choosing the right fillings in your seat cushions. Most suppliers have the option to choose the cushion fillings, so opt for a foam-wrapped feather option. This will require some plumping but will be the most comfortable. The choice of fabric will also make a difference so this is worth considering too.” – Lara

“There’s also the all-too-familiar ‘Ouch!’ that comes with getting your fingers caught when folding a sofa bed in and out. We’ve tackled this issue with a wood-framed bed that folds out of the sofa and a seven-inch mattress that has over 300 microsprings for a comfortable night. It’s worth doing your research and investing in a design that delivers.” – Kelly

What should you do about the bedding?

“Generally, your sofa bed will need to be made up each time as there isn’t space to store the pillows, sheets and duvet inside – they take up too much room to then make it a comfortable sofa. These elements need storing elsewhere in the room, perhaps a chest of drawers or other cabinet.” – Henry 

“Invest in a quality topper from the get-go. With the right care, a quality sofa bed will pay you back in comfort for years to come. As with most things in life, comfort is subjective, so it’s always a good idea to have some options for your guests. But if in doubt, extra pillows and breathable covers are a great place to start.” – Kelly

Henry Prideaux
Henry Prideaux

Does a sofa bed need extra protection?

“The cushions can take quite a lot of wear and tear – I like to use loose covers for easy cleaning.” – Laura

“Most suppliers offer a Scotchgarding insurance which covers you from stains and spillages. Also, mattress replacements are readily available – make sure you get the right size for the size of sofa you have as they are not normal mattress sizes. Sofa bed mattresses tend to be quite thin so the key to a comfortable night’s sleep for your guest is to add a mattress topper.” – Lara

Which sofa bed do you rate?

“I like a sofa bed to look chic and not too chunky, so it doesn’t appear to look like a traditional sofa bed. The Sophie sofa bed from Love Your Home is one of my favourites.” – Laura 

“We have used for a decent price point and because it has a range of fabrics to choose from. It can also do ‘COM’ (client’s own material) but this has a longer lead time. For custom sizes we use a bespoke manufacturer who will make any size and shape we need.” – Henry

“My personal favourite from our collection is the Swyft Model 08. It’s the largest one available so it’s generous for two adults sleeping – and there are so many fabrics to choose from.” – Kelly

Love Your Home does some great sofa beds depending on the style of the property. I’ve also used the Teddy sofa bed from which is comfortable and still looks the part.” – Lara


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