Get The Look: A Contemporary Living Room
Get The Look: A Contemporary Living Room

Get The Look: A Contemporary Living Room

When Trilbey Gordon was asked to create a show apartment for a London residential development company, she ended up putting together a chic, relaxed living space with a downtown Parisian vibe. Here’s how she did it.
By Georgina Blaskey

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Make Neutrals Warm & Inviting

I incorporated lots of texture using tactile fabrics like bouclé wool on the sofa and alpaca on the Knoll armchair. Elsewhere, I used an unlined mohair wool crochet for the blinds and heavy satin silks on the bed frame and headboards, as well as for the cushions and curtains. Textured, tactile wallpaper also adds interest to the blank walls – especially where there are no period features.

Combine Textures To Boost A Neutral Palette

The key is to create balance. Without enough textured elements, a space can feel unwelcoming. As long as you use a similar colour palette across these elements, you can’t go wrong. It's a great way to add depth to a room as well as a sense of cosiness – just be sure to feel everything before you commit to buying it. I really love working with clay paint and plaster because both have a tactile quality that’s also very visual. Some textures scream luxury while others convey simplicity. For example, I’m using a more natural palette in a country project I’m currently designing – unlined linen curtains, sheer linen half blinds, sisal rugs, unglazed ceramics, tapestries on the wool, mohair cushions, reclaimed wooden floorboards… All these textures together convey a coherent mood. 

The key is to create BALANCE. Without enough TEXTURED ELEMENTS, a space can feel unwelcoming.

Add Bespoke Finishing Touches

Art is always where I find my inspiration. When a client has a great art collection, I make sure the room really shows it off. I also love sourcing unique, bespoke pieces of furniture that are essentially artworks in themselves. 

Don’t Forget The Comfort Factor

Nowadays, life is lived all together and not so much in separate rooms, so it was very important for me to focus on the details at Chapter House that made people feel at home and comfortable. You can still have pieces that look amazing and have the wow factor, but it’s essential that when you have people over, it’s a warm and inviting space to relax in. 



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