The Bed Linen Brand To Know

The Bed Linen Brand To Know

Having spent years supplying some of our favourite British brands with bed linen, Molly Freshwater and her sister Harriet Mears saw a gap in the market to go direct to consumer with luxury bed linen, made in Europe and delivered straight to your door. In 2013, the Secret Linen Store was born and – to those in the know – the quality product they created is no secret. At a time when home comforts are more important than ever, Molly told us how to create a home bed that oozes luxury, style & comfort.

Buy The Best You Can Afford

Quality costs money, and as with most things, when you spend that little bit more you reap the rewards. Colour, feel, style and fabric are all considerations, but ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

It’s Worth Understanding Thread Count           

Thread count is the number of yarns per square inch, and comes from the number of yarns in the warp, multiplied by the number in the weft. Unfortunately, thread count doesn’t necessarily mean an item is good quality. High thread count fabrics can be made with low quality yarns, and high quality yarns can be used to produce lower thread count fabrics. 

Ultimately, if you are comparing products in one store, the higher thread counts will be better, for example, our 600 is better than our 300 sateen, because we use better yarns and more of them, but you shouldn’t compare one 600 thread count to another as they might be completely different in construction and yarn. 

Our 600 thread count range is something very special. It has been with us since day one. The quality of this fabric has to be slept in to be believed: it’s silky, soft and smooth and if you want to literally slip between the sheets, this is for you. Its thickness also makes it a dream to iron if you like a smarter looking bed.

Five Years is a Good Marker

A good duvet cover and pillowcases, if cared for well, should last five years, if not more. Fitted sheets will last a bit less because they get more wear than duvet covers and pillowcases. We’re obviously biased, but treating yourself to new bed linen is one of life’s pleasures and the best mattress in the world won’t feel as good without the best sheets

100% Linen is Everyone’s Best Friend 

We can’t get enough of it. Our curtains are as popular as the bedding.  We have 15 colours of linen and two new 100% linen stripes. They all sell really well, especially in bright colours like Mustard Yellow. Duck Egg bedding is having a real moment and our new soft Sage Stripe is going brilliantly – it looks great and is just so soft. It’s great mixed with Cream 100% linen sheets and pillowcases. 
100% linen is the most wonderful fabric to sleep in: soft and cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. The unique texture means the light dances off of the cloth, too, making it look good even when it’s a bit crumpled. The relaxed look is a real trend right now and long may it last, no ironing!

Delicate Embroidery Is So Pretty

Lacy Lola is our first embroidered design. It’s pretty, romantic and antique looking. We’re working with a wonderful Portuguese, family-run factory that has been making delicate embroideries for decades. It’s a 300 thread count sateen fabric with a delicate embroidered border. It’s selling so well, but we do have more on the way.

A Valance Ups The Anti

We have a smart box pleat option valance made with cotton and linen yarns, as well as plain options in 100% cotton and 100% linen. Style comes with dressing, so we say dress your bed up with extra pillows, cushions and throws and finish it off with a smart valance. 

Feathers Are Key

When it comes to duvets, a natural filling is a wonderful thing. Bedding made of feathers is the most traditional method to make duvets and pillows, and from our point of view, it’s the best for look, feel and warmth…but it’s not for everyone so we do have synthetic options, too.
Goose is a more superior filling than duck, as the feathers are larger and loftier. Down is a more superior filling that feather, because it is lighter and softer. Again, it comes down to cost. With a duvet, the more down content, the better it is and the more it costs. Go for the most down content you can afford. Our feather and down blends are wonderful, but our pure down Super Hero and Grand Goose duvets are the crème de la crème.

You Can’t Top a Topper

A mattress topper is a great way to add comfort to your bed without splurging on a new mattress. Much like the cherry on top of a deliciously cosy cake, it provides you with additional cushioning and support. Our toppers are available in a choice of natural and synthetic fillings. They instantly transform your bed into a place of dreams. 

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